Dominion South Pipeline Co., LP

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 03/12/2009, Docket: RP09-358-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 1054 First Revised Sheet No. 1054

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 1054







16.1 Access.


A. Pipeline shall maintain its Website as a part of Pipeline's E-SCRIPT TM System.

E-SCRIPT TM is a trademark of Dominion Transmission, Inc. Access to the E-SCRIPT

System shall be provided in an interactive, nondiscriminatory basis to all parties

that have: (1) executed an E-SCRIPT System Agreement; (2) been assigned an E-SCRIPT

System USER ID and password; and (3) agreed to comply with all procedures for access

and use of Pipeline's E-SCRIPT System and any other applicable provisions of

Pipeline's Tariff.


B. Persons complying with all applicable procedures for access as set forth in the

E-SCRIPT System Agreement shall become E-SCRIPT System Users. However, to participate

in the capacity release program described in GT&C Section 15, the E-SCRIPT System User

must also satisfy all additional requirements of that Section.


16.2 Contents. Pipeline shall post NAESB and other information as required by this Tariff, on

its Website. Website user access to information shall be on a timely, equal basis.


16.3 Other Conditions.


A. Procedures to Back-Up, Archive, and Retrieve Data.


1. After the end of each month, Pipeline shall remove all completed transactions

from the Website. Current notices shall not be purged.


2. Pipeline shall retain daily back-up files of the data displayed on the Website,

for a minimum of 36 months for audit purposes. This data retention requirement

only applies to the ability to recover or regenerate electronic records for a

period of three years, in accordance with regulatory record retention

requirements. Capacity Release historical data will be made available on a

consistent basis from Pipeline, which should provide for retrieval of open and

closed offers during the FERC archival period. This data shall be maintained in

an electronic media of Pipeline's choosing.


3. Upon request, Pipeline shall provide such data for review by E-SCRIPT System

Users. Pipeline shall not be required to provide such information online. For a

reasonable fee, negotiated between Pipeline and the E-SCRIPT System User at the

time of a request, Pipeline shall provide such data in electronic form.


4. E-SCRIPT System Users wishing to review archived Website data must submit

requests, in writing, to Pipeline.


B. Pipeline shall comply with the Commission's regulations regarding the FERC's Standards

of Conduct, as described in GT&C Section 19, with appropriate Website notices and

information postings.