Dominion South Pipeline Co., LP

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/16/2005, Docket: CP05- 77-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 1050 Original Sheet No. 1050 : Effective






15.6.B Other Provisions.(Cont.)


3. Pipeline shall notify the Replacement Customer(s), via the Website, to revise

its nominations under the Bid Agreement within the period provided for change of

nominations in order to implement the recall. Replacement Customer(s) will be

solely responsible for adjusting its supply and transportation arrangements,

which may be necessary as a result of such recall.


4. Any Releasing Customer may recall capacity released under this Section, subject

to compliance with the nomination and scheduling provisions of this Tariff, in

the event that its Replacement Customer fails to pay all or part of the amount

of any bill for service under the applicable Bid Agreement.


5. Unless otherwise stated in Releasing Customer's posted notice, Replacement

Customer's minimum throughput commitment for a release transaction conducted on

a volumetric basis is waived, in the event that Releasing Customer exercises a



6. The Replacement Customer must provide Pipeline with at least one but no more

than two Internet E-Mail addresses to be used for recall notification.

Pipeline's obligation to provide notification is waived until at least one

Internet E-Mail address is provided to Pipeline.


7. In order to take advantage of the shortened recall provisions of this Section

15.6.B, Releasing Customer must provide written notice to Pipeline, by facsimile

or otherwise, including the following information:


a. Releasing Contract number;


b. Replacement Contract number;


c. Effective Date and Time of recall;


d. Contract Quantity;


e. Capacity Path, and, if applicable, Primary Receipt and Delivery Points; and


f. A certification signed by an official of Releasing Customer authorized to

make nomination and scheduling changes on Pipeline, that: "[Releasing

Customer name] hereby certifies that the conditions stated in GT&C Section

15.6.B have been satisfied, to permit the above-captioned recall."


8. Releasing Customer may recall the full released volume or a partial volume for

the full Gas Day or a partial Gas Day. The volume recalled must correspond to

the elapsed pro rata capacity.


9. The daily contract entitlement for partial day recalls shall be allocated to the

Releasing Customer and Replacement Customer pro rata based on the effective time

of the recall. This allocated daily contract entitlement shall be used for

purposes of nominations, billing and, if applicable, overrun calculations.


10. Partial day recalls shall not be available for capacity released on a partial



11. After exercise of a recall, subject to agreement by the Releasing and

Replacement Customers in accordance with any provision of the posted notice,

Releasing Customer may reput the recalled capacity to the original Replacement

customer, upon the same advance notice to Pipeline that was required for the

recall. Recalled capacity may not be reput for the first recalled Gas Day.