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Effective Date: 03/01/2009, Docket: RP09-292-000, Status: Effective

First Revised Sheet No. 1043 First Revised Sheet No. 1043

Superseding: Original Sheet No. 1043





15.2 Bidding Procedure (Cont.)


h. The Replacement Customer may begin nominating service at the next available

nomination cycle for the effective date of the contract.


2. This table recaps the timeline of GT&C Section 15.2.B.1:


Biddable Release

Term< One Year


Offers Posted noon CCT


Open Season Ends 1 p.m. CCT


Award Or Match Posted 2 p.m. CCT


Non-match Award Contract Number 3 p.m. CCT


Match Response 2:30 p.m. CCT


Award Posted 3 p.m. CCT


Match Award Contract Number 4 p.m. CCT


Nomination Possible Timely, Evening, Intra-Day 1, or Intra-Day 2


Gas Flow 9 a.m. CCT Next Gas Day; or 5 p.m. CCT or

9 p.m. CCT Current Gas Day



3. For biddable releases of a term greater than or equal to one year the same

timeline described in GT&C Section 15.2.B.1 shall apply, except offers must be

posted: (i) by 12 p.m. CCT, at least four Business Days before the award is made

for timely, late, or Intra- Day 1, or Intra-Day 2 nominations.


4. For any prearranged deals not subject to bid, Releasing Customer must post the

deal with effective date and time, and Replacement Customer must post its bid,

prior to the start of the chosen nomination cycle deadline for the offer begin

date. Upon Replacement Customer's posting of the bid, Pipeline will issue a

contract and contract number in a manner that will allow the Replacement Customer

to submit a nomination by the chosen nomination cycle deadline.


C. The provisions of the posted notice of a release, including all criteria to be

considered in the evaluation of competing offers, and any applicable recall

provisions, must be objective, nondiscriminatory, and applicable to all bidders.


1. Such conditions may include contract quantity, duration and price; however, the

Releasing Customer is not required to specify a minimum acceptable quantity,

duration or price.


2. Releasing Customer cannot tie bidders to other compensation, which is not related

to the release transaction, unless otherwise provided by the Commission's



3. Such conditions may not conflict with the Pipeline's Tariff or the Commission's

regulations, but may add provisions that are specific to the release transaction.