Dominion South Pipeline Co., LP

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/16/2005, Docket: CP05- 77-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 1039 Original Sheet No. 1039 : Effective






13.5 Customer shall be responsible for monitoring information provided by Pipeline in accordance

with GT&C Section 12 and this Section 13, to determine whether its nominations have been

confirmed and scheduled. After nominations have been confirmed and scheduled, if Pipeline

is informed of a change that affects Customer's scheduled quantities, Pipeline will post

such change on its Website. Customer will be solely responsible for making alterations in

Customer's supply and transportation arrangements, which may be necessary as a result of

such changes in Customer's service.


13.6 Bumping Scheduled Service.

During Evening and Intra-Day 1 nomination cycles, a firm transportation Customer may

nominate and bump quantities of Gas scheduled by any Interruptible Transmission Customer,

upon compliance with all other requirements of the scheduling provisions of this Tariff.

Affected customers shall be notified of reductions, and whether penalties will apply on

the Gas Day that volumes are reduced, using the same procedures described in GT&C Section

18.1.D.2. Bumping is not allowed during the intra-day nomination 2 cycle.


13.7 If, on any Gas Day, Pipeline finds that the capacity of its system, or any portion thereof,

is insufficient to Deliver all quantities scheduled, or to accept the quantities Tendered,

capacity shall be allocated in the same order of Pipeline's scheduling queue, which is

provided in GT&C Sections 13.2, 13.3, and 13.4. Scheduled quantities shall also be

subject to the provisions of GT&C Section 10.


13.8 If, after the commencement of service, Pipeline determines that inadequate Gas quantities

are being Tendered or Taken, Pipeline shall immediately notify Customer and may suspend

Deliveries or Receipts to Customers, as appropriate to the extent necessary to bring

Customer into balance.