Dominion South Pipeline Co., LP

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/16/2005, Docket: CP05- 77-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 1030 Original Sheet No. 1030 : Effective







11.1 Requests For Firm or Interruptible Transportation (Cont.)


G. Customer's Service Agreement shall not be altered by any request by Customer for new

service under this Section until such request is approved by Pipeline and a new Service

Agreement or Exhibit A to the Service Agreement is executed by both Customer and



11.2 Contracting for Service


A. Upon approval of a valid request for interruptible service, Pipeline shall offer the

requesting Customer a contract for service that conforms to the Form of Service

Agreement contained in Pipeline's Tariff. Customer shall execute the Service

Agreement and return it to Pipeline within ten Business Days from the date Pipeline

sends the Service Agreement to Customer. If Customer fails to return an executed

Service Agreement within the deadline, Pipeline's offer shall be withdrawn, and

Customer's request shall be deemed denied.


B. Requests for firm service shall be processed in accordance with GT&C Sections 25 and/or

26, including the provisions of GT&C Section 26.3 regarding pre-arranged deals and

Contingent Service Agreements.


11.3 A Customer request to add a new Primary Point or change an existing Primary Point under a

firm Service Agreement may not affect the priority of existing customers using such point

as a Primary Point. Pipeline shall be entitled to reasonably reserve point capacity

associated with unsold segment capacity. Therefore, Pipeline shall not be obligated to add

a new Primary Point or change an existing Primary Point if such point is associated with

unsold segment capacity. A Customer may add or change a Primary Point only if it has

Capacity Path rights on the adjacent segment of capacity.