Dominion South Pipeline Co., LP

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 12/16/2005, Docket: CP05- 77-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 1029 Original Sheet No. 1029 : Effective







11.1.D. Requests For Firm or Interruptible Transportation (Cont.)


6. The Primary Point(s) of Delivery from Pipeline's system, stated with such

specificity that Pipeline may identify them, and the maximum daily quantity at

each such point (the sum of which may not exceed the requested MDTQ unless

Pipeline otherwise agrees);


7. The requested Capacity Path;


8. The dates that service is requested to commence and terminate;


9. Certification by the Person requesting service that it or its principal will have

title to, or good right to Tender Gas to Pipeline for service and that all

necessary arrangements on upstream and/or downstream transporters will be made;


10. The specific affiliation of the Person requesting service with Pipeline, and the

extent of Pipeline's affiliation, if any, with the Person to be provided service;


11. The identity of the Person requesting service, including whether such Person is a

local distribution company, interstate pipeline, intrastate pipeline, end-user,

producer, or marketer; and


12. Whether the Person requesting service authorizes Pipeline to consider its request

as a binding offer to contract pursuant to GT&C Sections 25 and/or 26, in the

event that firm capacity becomes available, and the term and rate to be applied in

considering such offer.


E. Valid requests for service shall be made by submitting to Pipeline a fully completed

request for service form as published on the Website and by otherwise complying with all

of the provisions of this Section 11. The completed request for service shall be

forwarded to Pipeline through the Website or such other method approved by Pipeline.

All valid requests for transportation service under Rate Schedules in Pipeline's Tariff

shall be logged, in the order received, in a firm-service queue maintained in Pipeline's

main office, open to public inspection.


F. Points of Receipt and Delivery


1. Requests for interruptible transportation service shall be deemed to include those

Points of Receipt and Delivery specified on the most current master point list

applicable to the Rate Schedule for Customer's service unless otherwise mutually



2. In reviewing requests for firm transportation service, Pipeline shall evaluate the

capacity available at all requested Primary Points and on the Capacity Path before

executing a Service Agreement for the service requested. If Pipeline determines

that capacity does not exist at one or more of the Primary Points or on the

Capacity Path sought by Customer, Pipeline may deny or recommend modifications to

Customer's request.