Dominion South Pipeline Co., LP

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Effective Date: 12/16/2005, Docket: CP05- 77-001, Status: Effective

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10.1 If, due to Force Majeure conditions, as defined in GT&C Section 9.2, or due to necessary

but unplanned modifications, tests or repairs to Pipeline's system, Pipeline is unable to

Receive or Deliver Gas or customers are unable to Tender or Take Gas at scheduled points,

then Pipeline, upon providing as much notice to Customers as is reasonable under all of the

circumstances, shall have the right to order immediate reduction of its customers'

transportation entitlements to the extent necessary depending upon the type and location of

the occurrence. Reduction of service under this Section 10 shall not be permitted for

routine maintenance during normal periods of peak demand, where such maintenance was

required due to Pipeline's gross negligence, undue discrimination, or willful misconduct.


10.2 Reductions of service under this Section 10 shall be performed in accordance with the

following procedures:


A. In cases where Pipeline's ability to Receive, transport, or Deliver is affected,

Pipeline shall first order interruption or, where sufficient transportation supplies

are available, allocation of transportation quantities to customers based upon

scheduled nominations, in the following order:


(1) Scheduled service pursuant to GT&C Section 13.3.G.


(2) Scheduled service pursuant to GT&C Section 13.3.F.


(3) Scheduled service under all Firm Transportation Service Agreements pursuant

to GT&C Section 13.3.A, through E.


In the event that sufficient capacity is available to provide partial service in any of

the above curtailment categories, then Pipeline shall allocate available capacity

within each curtailment category on a pro rata basis.




B. Where Pipeline's ability to render service is impaired in a particular segment of

Pipeline's system, then interruption or allocation shall be imposed only in that segment

of Pipeline's system where its capability has been impaired.


C. In the event of an allocation under GT&C Section 10.2.A, each Customer's allocated

entitlement shall be utilized for purposes of calculating unauthorized overruns in

accordance with GT&C Section 37.2. Pipeline shall provide Customer notice of such

reduced contract quantity entitlement by telephone, facsimile, or e-mail. Such notice

shall be confirmed in writing as soon as reasonably possible.


D. In cases where Customer is unable to Tender Gas, Customer's entitlement shall be

reduced to the quantity Tendered, as independently verified and confirmed by Pipeline

based on the best information available to Pipeline. If, however, Pipeline is unable to

determine which customers are responsible for deficient Tenders at a particular Point of

Receipt, Pipeline shall reduce the entitlement of all customers Tendering Gas at such

point on a pro-rata basis based upon daily nominations. In the event of an occurrence

under this Section 10.2.D, each Customer's reduced entitlement shall be utilized for

purposes of the overrun provisions of GT&C Section 37.2.


10.3 Reverse Path Transactions. Reverse Path transportation service scheduled by Customer

pursuant to Section 5.2.A of any Firm Transportation Rate Schedule shall be reduced or

interrupted on a case-by-case basis on a not unduly discriminatory basis depending upon

Pipeline's system operations.