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Effective Date: 12/16/2005, Docket: CP05- 77-001, Status: Effective

Original Sheet No. 1010 Original Sheet No. 1010 : Effective







3.2 Quantity and Heating Value Determination. (Cont.)


F. The total heating value shall be determined by Gas Chromatography or by methods

outlined in American Gas Association (AGA) Transmission Measurement Committee Report

No. 5 "Fuel Gas Energy Metering" (1996) as may be amended or modified from time to

time, or by other mutually agreed upon methods.


G. The Dt delivered shall be calculated either by multiplying the Mcf delivered by the

total heating value, and dividing the result by 1,000, or by multiplying the pounds

mass delivered by the Btu per pound mass, and dividing the result by 1,000,000.


3.3 Ownership and Operation of Measurement Equipment.


A. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Pipeline shall install at Customer's expense, and

shall be responsible for the required measuring station including all necessary

appurtenances, at or near Points of Delivery. The quantity of Gas Delivered hereunder

shall be measured in accordance with the published recommendations of the AGA as amended

or superseded from time to time. Pipeline shall install at its own expense and it shall

own, operate, and maintain meters at its compressor stations to measure Gas used at such

facilities. Measurement at compressor stations may be made using displacement type



B. Where Customer and Pipeline so agree, Customer, at the request of Pipeline, will change

the charts on the meters at Points of Delivery, daily or so frequently as required, and

send them promptly by mail to Pipeline without charge or cost to Pipeline.


C. Pipeline, in its reasonable discretion and on a not unduly discriminatory basis, may

install (or cause to be installed) and operate flow control devices to regulate the flow

of Gas on Pipeline's facilities and at Points of Receipt and Delivery.


3.4 Check Measurement. Customer may install, maintain and operate, at its own expense, such

check measuring equipment as desired, provided that such equipment shall be so installed as

not to interfere with the operation of Pipeline's measuring equipment at or near the Points

of Delivery.


3.5 Access to Tests and Records. Pipeline and Customer shall have the right to be present at

the time of any installing, reading, cleaning, changing, repairing, inspecting, testing,

calibrating or adjusting done in connection with the other's equipment used in measuring or

checking the measurement of Gas hereunder. The records from such equipment shall remain the

property of their operator, but upon request each will submit to the other its records and

charts, together with calculations therefrom, for inspection and verification, subject to

return within thirty days after receipt thereof.