Nautilus Pipeline Company, LLC

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/05/2010, Docket: RP10-475-000, Status: Effective

Third Revised Sheet No. 324 Third Revised Sheet No. 324

Superseding: Substitute Second Revised Sheet No. 324





9. SHIPPER understands and agrees that Transporter may act, and shall

be fully protected in acting, in reliance upon any acts or things

done or performed by persons utilizing SHIPPER's USERIDs and

passwords on behalf of SHIPPER (so long as Transporter is not

aware of a security breach), and that Transporter shall be held

harmless from any omission or failure by SHIPPER to act or perform

any duty required by a function accessed through the Interactive

Internet Website.


10. A USERID that is inactive for ninety (90) Days shall be

automatically suspended. If SHIPPER's USERID is suspended as set

forth herein, SHIPPER may contact Transporter's Transportation

Services Department to have its USERID reinstated.


11. Transporter reserves the right to invalidate SHIPPER's USERIDs and

passwords at any time in the event SHIPPER breaches any of the

terms of this Agreement and such breach, in Transporter's sole

judgment, threatens the security or integrity of the system and

SHIPPER fails to cure the breach within twenty four (24) hours of

notification from Transporter. If Transporter terminates the

Interactive Internet Website pursuant to the following paragraph,

Transporter shall invalidate SHIPPER's USERIDs and passwords

effective on the date of the termination of the Interactive

Internet Website.


12. Transporter reserves the right to modify or terminate the

Interactive Internet Website at any time so long as such

modification or termination is not prohibited by the regulations

of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.


13. Subject to the provisions of Paragraph 12 herein, this Agreement

shall be in effect as of the date written below and shall continue

unless and until canceled by either party on ten (10) Days'

written notice given to the other party prior to the end of any

calendar Month to be effective at the end of such Month.