Garden Banks Gas Pipeline, LLC

Original Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 05/10/2010, Docket: RP10-594-000, Status: Effective

Third Revised Sheet No. 94 Third Revised Sheet No. 94

Superseding: Second Revised Sheet No. 94







15.3 Exemptions


A reasonable make-up period will be allowed to correct OFO created

imbalances based on the then current operations of Transporter's

Facility. Upon an OFO becoming effective as specified in the OFO

or as provided in this Section 15.3, Shipper or operator of the

facilities connecting with Transporter's facilities shall be

permitted the time stated in the OFO, or such lesser time as is

required to protect the integrity of Transporter's Facility, to

make adjustments in compliance with the OFO. If Shipper complies

with the provisions of the OFO within such notice period then no

penalty pursuant to Section 15.2 shall be assessed. Shippers will

be exempt from penalties caused solely by Transporter's failure to

receive scheduled quantities at a Receipt Point or to deliver

scheduled quantities to a Delivery Point, the provisions of

Section 6 being applicable. Shippers will be exempt from

penalties caused solely by the application of the provisions of

Section 12.


15.4 Notices


Transporter will post to its Internet Web Site its intention to

place an OFO into effect and notify the affected Shipper(s) at

least 24 hours prior to the implementation of the OFO; provided,

however, that a shorter notice period may be given where action

must be taken to protect the integrity of Transporter's Facility.

Such notice and posting shall (i) identify the parties subject to

the OFO, (ii) the time the OFO will become effective, (iii) the

estimated duration of the OFO (or, if unknown, that the OFO is

indefinite) and justification for the OFO (i.e., the triggering

tariff provision which is the basis for the OFO). Where an OFO is

made effective on less than 24 hours notice, Transporter will also

provide the Commission with a detailed explanation with all

relevant information specific to the individual situation to

justify issuance of that particular OFO. Whenever an OFO requires

action in less than 72 hours, Transporter will provide prompt

notice to the affected Shippers via email or direct notification

to their Internet URL address, as well as by posting on its

Internet Web Site. Within a reasonable period of time following

the conclusion of the OFO, Transporter will post a report on its

Internet Web Site describing the conditions that required the

issuance and termination of the OFO.