Egan Hub Storage, LLC

First Revised Volume No. 1

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Effective Date: 04/01/2010, Docket: RP10-416-000, Status: Effective

Fifth Revised Sheet No. 110 Fifth Revised Sheet No. 110

Superseding: Fourth Revised Sheet No. 110





3.10 Complaints. Complaints regarding service pursuant to any of the rate schedules set

forth in this FERC Gas Tariff shall be communicated to Egan Hub with a designation that it is

a complaint regarding service. Such complaint shall contain a clear and complete statement of

the nature and basis of the complaint and identification of the service request (if

applicable), together with supporting documentation, if any. Information regarding the

appropriate contact personnel shall be posted on Egan Hub's Internet Web site. Egan Hub will

respond initially within forty-eight (48) hours and in writing within 30 days of receipt of

the complaint advising Customer or a potential Customer of the disposition of the complaint.

In the event the required date of Egan Hub's response falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday

that affects Egan Hub, Egan Hub shall respond by the next Business Day.


3.11 Extension of Service Agreements. Prior to the expiration of the term of a Firm

Storage Service Agreement or a Secondary Firm Storage Service Agreement and, for those Firm

Storage Service Agreements or Secondary Firm Storage Service Agreements that include either a

contractual or a regulatory right of first refusal, prior to the receipt of an acceptable bid

submitted pursuant to Section 8 of Rate Schedule FSS or SSS, Egan Hub and Customer may mutually

agree to an extension of the term of the Firm Storage Service Agreement or a Secondary Firm

Storage Service Agreement (the exact length of which is to be negotiated on a case-by-case

basis, in a not unduly discriminatory manner).


3.12 Egan Hub shall not be required to perform the requested service in the event all

facilities (except, and limited to, minor taps) necessary to render the requested service do

not exist at the time the request for service is submitted to Egan Hub.


3.13 No request for service from a Point of Receipt or to a Point of Delivery shall be

granted if to do so would impair Egan Hub's ability to render services pursuant to Egan Hub's

firm service rate schedules.


3.14 Construction of Facilities. Egan Hub shall not be required to provide any

requested service under any rate schedule which would require construction or acquisition by

Egan Hub of new facilities, or expansion of existing facilities.


3.15 Materially Non-Conforming Service Agreements. The following service agreements are

being listed in accordance with Section 154.112(b) of the Commission's regulations. This list

of agreements will be updated to reflect new agreements containing material, non-conforming

provisions, with the exception of an extension in the term of one of the agreements identified



Designated Rate Primary Term

Customer Name Contract No. Schedule Begin Date

---------------------------- ------------ -------- ------------

Bear Energy LP 310401 FSS 04/01/2009

Eagle Energy Partners, I.L.P. 310408 FSS 04/01/2009

Euromin Inc 310410 FSS 04/01/2009

Euromin Inc 310411 FSS 04/01/2010

Merrill Lynch Commodities, Inc. 310399 FSS 04/01/2009

Oneok Energy Services Company, L.P. 310402 FSS 04/01/2009