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Updated September 11, 2000
File Name File Size Pipeline Company 16942 Algonquin Gas Transmission Company 3918 Algonquin LNG, Inc. 51685 ANR Pipeline Company 3537 ANR Storage Company 7796 Arkansas Western Pipeline Co. 8772 Black Marlin Pipeline Company 4260 Blue Lake Gas Storage Company 10166 Canyon Creek Compression Company 6227 Caprock Pipeline Company 4311 Carnegie Interstate Pipeline Company 12840 Chandeleur Pipe Line Company 210982 CNG Transmission Corporation 109509 Colorado Interstate Gas Company 49443 Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation 19914 Columbia Gulf Transmission Company 6636 Cove Point LNG Limited Partnership 7331 Crossroads Pipeline Company 41841 Dauphin Island Gathering Partners 34844 Destin Pipeline Company, L.L.C. 24277 Discovery Gas Transmission LLC 1774 Distrigas Of Massachusetts Corporation 11204 Dynegy Midstream Pipeline, Inc.(Warren) 46894 East Tennessee Natural Gas Company 97859 Eastern Shore Natural Gas Company 92961 Egan Hub Partners, L.P. 36357 El Paso Natural Gas Company 27324 Florida Gas Transmission Company 36181 Garden Banks Gas Pipeline, LLC 38722 Gas Transport, Inc. 25805 Gasdel Pipeline System, Inc. 28641 Granite State Gas Transmission, Inc. 47581 Great Lakes Gas Transmission Limited Partner 40494 Gulf States Transmission Corporation 7601 High Island Offshore System, L.L.C. 23172 Iroquois Gas Transmission System, L.P. 76325 K N Interstate Gas Transmission Co. 29442 K N Wattenberg Transmission Limited Liability 8189 K O Transmission Company 2568 Kansas Pipeline Company 14287 Kentucky West Virginia Gas Company 81349 Kern River Gas Transmission Company 87251 Koch Gateway Pipeline Company 1585 Louisiana-Nevada Transit Company 4789 Michigan Gas Storage Company 6019 Mid Louisiana Gas Company 2879 Midcoast Interstate Transmission(Alabama-Tenn 32669 Midwestern Gas Transmission 18632 MIGC, Inc. 64320 Mississippi River Transmission Corporation 12143 Mobile Bay Pipeline Company 4967 Mojave Pipeline Company 120000 National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation 119155 Natural Gas Pipeline Company Of America 48235 Nautilus Pipeline Company, LLC 10331 Nora Transmission Company 35728 Northern Border Pipeline Company 65259 Northern Natural Gas Company 71023 Northwest Pipeline Corporation 28644 Oktex Pipeline Company 30254 Overthrust Pipeline Company 44649 Ozark Gas Transmission System 196561 P G&E Gas Transmission, Northwest Co. (Pgt) 12781 Paiute Pipeline Company 20167 Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company 5414 Petal Gas Storage Company 30759 Questar Pipeline Company 41315 Reliant Energy Gas Transmission(Noram) 16092 Sabine Pipe Line Company 63748 Sea Robin Pipeline Company 4141 South Georgia Natural Gas Company 24330 Southern Natural Gas Company 3682 Steuben Gas Storage Company 10647 Stingray Pipeline Company 15685 T C P Gathering Co. 77945 Tarpon Transmission Company 100586 Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company 83662 Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation 31829 Texas Gas Transmission Corporation 3293 Texas-Ohio Pipeline, Inc. 14326 Trailblazer Pipeline Company 6712 Transcolorado Gas Transmission Company 178560 Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation 20279 Transwestern Pipeline Company 19489 Trunkline Gas Company 1192 Trunkline LNG Company 10374 Tuscarora Gas Transmission Company 5371 U-T Offshore System 14255 Venice Gathering System, L. L. C. 50069 Viking Gas Transmission Company 13716 West Texas Gas, Inc. 5617 Western Gas Interstate Company 51400 Western Transmission Corporation 5395 Westgas Interstate, Inc. 189104 Williams Gas Pipelines Central,Inc Formerly 100832 Williston Basin Interstate Pipeline Co. 193953 Wyoming Interstate Company, Ltd. 38874 Young Gas Storage Company, Ltd.


Updated: February 8, 2012