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Environmental Documents - 2017

Note: This is not a complete list for 2017. Beginning in 2017 all Environmental Documents will be posted.

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Draft Environmental Impact Statements
Southeast Market Pipelines Project (CP14-554-002, CP15-16-003, and CP15-17-002)
Mountaineer XPress and Gulf XPress Projects (CP16-357-000, CP16-361-000)
Final Environmental Impact Statements
Mountaineer XPress and Gulf XPress Projects (CP16-357-000 and CP16-361-000)
Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Supply Header Project (CP15-554-000, -001; CP15-555-000; and CP15-556-000)
Mountain Valley Project and Equitrans Expansion Project (CP16-10-000, CP16-13-000)
PennEast Pipeline Project (CP15-558-000)