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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Environmental Documents - 2016

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Final Environmental Impact Statements
Atlantic Sunrise Project (CP15-138-000)
NEXUS Gas Transmission Project and Texas Eastern Appalachian Lease Project (CP16-22-000, CP16-23-000)
Leach XPress and Rayne XPress Expansion Projects (CP15-514-000, CP15-539-000)
Golden Pass Products, LLC; and Golden Pass Pipeline, LLC’s Golden Pass LNG Export Project (Docket Nos. CP14-517-000, and CP14-518-000)
The Rover Pipeline, Panhandle Backhaul, and Trunkline Backhaul Projects (Docket Nos. CP15-93-000, CP15-94-000 and CP15-96-000)
Environmental Assessments
Valley Lateral Project PDF (CP16-17-000)
Southwest Louisiana Supply Project PDF (CP16-12-000)
Orion Project PDF (CP16-4-000)
Elba Liquefaction Project PDF (CP14-103-000, CP14-115-000)
Cedar Station Upgrade Project PDF  (CP16-487-000) | Notice PDF
Northern Lights 2017 Expansion Project PDF (CP16-472-000) | Notice PDF
Abandonment and Capacity Restoration Project (CP15-88-000)
Transco to Charleston Project (CP16-98-000) PDF | Notice PDF
Cameron LNG, LLC PDF (CP15-560-000)
Elba Liquefaction Project PDF (CP14-103 and CP14-115)
Southwest Louisiana Supply Project PDF (CP16-12-000) | Notice PDF
Access South, Adair Southwest, and Lebanon Extension Projects PDF (CP16-3-000, -001)
Collierville Expansion Project PDF (CP16-64-000)
Northern Access 2016 Project PDF (CP15-115-000, -001) | Notice PDF
Triad Expansion Project PDF (CP15-520-000) | Notice
Virginia Southside Expansion Project II PDF (CP15-118-000)
White Oak Mainline Expansion Project And System Reliability Project PDF (CP15-18-000, CP15-18-001, CP15-498-000) | Notice PDF
New York Bay Expansion Project (CP15-527-000) PDF | Notice PDF
Leidy South Project PDF (CP15-492)
Freeport LNG Development, L.P., FLNG Liquefaction, LLC., FLNG Liquefaction 2, LLC., FLNG Liquefaction 3, LLC PDF (CP15-518-000)
Dalton Expansion Project PDF (CP15-117-000) | Notice PDF
Broad Run Expansion Project PDF (CP15-77-000) | Notice PDF
Susquehanna West Project PDF (CP15-148-000) | Notice PDF
Tp-371 Pipeline ReplacementPDF (CP15-528-000) | Notice PDF
Columbia To Eastover Project PDF (CP15-504-000) | Notice PDF
Coastal Bend Header Project PDF (CP15-517-000) | Notice PDF
Line WB2VA Integrity Project PDF (CP15-150-000)
Jacksonville Expansion Project PDF(CP15-144-000) | Notice PDF
Northern Supply Access Project PDF (CP15-513-000)
Presidio Border Crossing Project (PDF CP15-500-000)
San Elizario Crossing Project PDF (CP15-503-000)
Orion Project PDF (CP16-4-000)
Atlantic Bridge Project PDF (CP16-9-000)
SM-80 MAOP Restoration Project PDF (CP15-549-000)