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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Environmental Impact Statements (EISs)

Final EIS recommends approval of proposed Ingleside San Patricio LNG terminal and pipeline near Corpus Christi, Texas

Staff recommended approval for the Project because:

    • Ingleside San Patricio would use land owned by Occidental Chemical and combine its facilities with the Occidental Chemical manufacturing complex, to offset each others respective heating and cooling needs. Water that would be cooled during the vaporization process would be returned to these facilities for reuse, and conserve or avoid the release of about 300 tons of regulated air emissions per year and conserve about two million gallons of water per day;

    • Ingleside San Patricio would implement the FERC's Plan and Procedures to minimize impact on soils, wetlands, and water bodies.

    • Ingleside San Patricio would dispose of dredged material at its preferred primary disposal area on land owned by Alcoa Inc.;

    • Ingleside San Patricio initiated and is continuing consultation with federal and state agencies regarding the development of a mitigation plan that would compensate for impacts to aquatic resources directly within and adjacent to the Project area, and filed a Draft Wetland Mitigation Plan with the Commission;

    • The Project would have no effect or would not be likely to adversely affect any federally or state listed threatened or endangered species;

    • The Aransas-Corpus Christi Pilots indicated that the Project would have minimal impacts on ship traffic;

    • Safety features would be incorporated into the design and operation of the LNG import terminal and vessels; and

    • The Coast Guard issued a Letter of Recommendation stating that the Corpus Christi and La Quinta Ship Channels are suitable for LNG transport.

    FERC Commissioners will take into consideration staff's recommendations and the FEIS when they make a decision on the project.