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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Industries Electric Industry Activities Addressing the 2000-2001 Western Energy Crisis

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Information Released in Enron Investigation

The featured links below go to data related to FERCís Western Energy Markets investigation. Most of the data linked through this page is hosted by CACI outside of FERCís website.

You may search for emails, scanned documents, and transcripts inside XERA External Link. Audio files, datasets, and other miscellaneous files are inside CACI's server file directory. You may also try these predefined eLibrary searches for other documents.

If you have questions or comments, please contact CACI by email.

1. Data on XERA
Description: XERA External Link is the online document repository software hosted by CACI in the cloud through which you may search and access Enron Investigation databases of emails, scanned documents, and transcripts. Search XERA External Link
  • Enron Email External Link (Enron Email, Enron Email Re-released (additional email data)), Enron Email PST, Enron Email PST Re-released (additional PST email data) - Database consisting of 92% of Enron's staff emails.
  • Scanned Documents External Link (Scanned Documents, Scanned Documents Re-released (additional scanned documents)) - Over 85,000 records and over 150,000 scanned pages in TIFF format of documents provided to FERC during the investigation. Scanned images underwent an optical character recognition (OCR) process that created computer-readable full text which is included as a field in each record.
  • Transcripts External Link - 40 transcripts related to this case.

2. Data on File Directory
Description: The following data is stored in a file directory in CACI servers. Audio files, data sets and other miscellaneous files are found inside this directory. Browse File Directory External Link
  • Entries marked as "<dir>" are directories, clicking on these will reveal more files and/or subdirectories.
  • To go back on the directory hierarchy click on "[To Parent Directory]"
  • Files found in this directory have the following extensions: ".mp3", ".pdf", ".xls", ".txt", ".sql", ".zip", ".csv", ".sas7bdat", ".tif", ".msg", ".ppt", ".mpg", ".doc".

3. Data on eLibrary Searches
Description: What is eLibrary?
Instructions: eLibrary Online Help

4. Ordering Data on a Hard Drive
Description: Data sets or Enron online databases may be ordered directly from FERCíS Public Reference Room on a hard drive.
Instructions: If you would like to order copies of any data sets or databases please contact our Public Reference Room by email, and they will provide copies to you for a fee.