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Orders Archives: 2003-2009

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    FERC addresses compliance filing and requires further compliance filings, December 17, 2009, Decision PDF

    FERC denies Rehearing Request of its Sept. 30, 2009 Order, December 17, 2009, Decision PDF

    FERC issues Order No. 730 regarding mandatory reliability standards, December 17, 2009, Order No. 730 PDF
November October
    FERC approves order revising reliability standards for critical infrastructure protection and requires compliance filing, October 8, 2009, Decision PDF
    FERC approves order revising reliability standards for critical infrastructure protection and requires compliance filing, September 30, 2009, Decision PDF
    FERC denies rehearing on Mandatory Reliability Standards for Critical Infrastructure Protection, June 18, 2009, Order No. 706-C PDF

    FERC seeks comments on revised mandatory reliability standards for interchange scheduling and coordination (INT), June 18, 2009, NOPR PDF
    FERC seeks comment on NERC's Reliability Standard-Transmission Relay Loadability, May 21, 2009, NOPR PDF

    FERC approves WECC Regional Reliability Standard on Regarding Automatic Time Error Control, May 21, 2009, Order No. 723 PDF

    FERC rules on NERC's interpretation of specific requirements of frequency response and bias and voltage and reactive control reliability standards, May 21, 2009, Order No. 724 PDF
    FERC approves three revised Reliability Standards developed by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC). The three revised Reliability Standards, set requirements for the development and communication of system operating limits of the Bulk-Power System for use in the planning and operation horizons. In addition, the Commission approves, with modifications, the violation severity levels for the three Reliability Standards, March 20, 2009, Order No. 722 PDF

    FERC issues a supplemental final rule that approves a Reliability Standard which addresses transmission loading relief requirements. The modified Reliability Standard includes changes directed by the Commission related to the appropriateness of using the Transmission Loading Relief procedure to mitigate a violation of an interconnection reliability operating limit, March 19, 2009, Order No. 713-A PDF

    NOPR to approve six Modeling, Data, and Analysis Reliability Standards submitted to the Commission for approval by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation. The proposed Reliability Standards require certain users, owners, and operators of the Bulk-Power System to develop consistent methodologies for the calculation of available transfer capability or available flowgate capability, March 19, 2009, NOPR PDF

    NOPR to include certain business practice standards adopted by the Wholesale Electric Quadrant of the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) into FERC regulations. NAESB's Version 002.1 Standards mainly modify NAESB's Version 001 Standards in response to Order Nos. 890, 890-A, and 890-B, March 19, 2009. NOPR PDF
    FERC clarifies October 16, 2008 Budget Order at NERC’s request, January 15, 2009, Decision PDF

    FERC audit recommends changes to improve SPP independence, SPP agrees FERC also gives guidance on reliability compliance audits, January 15, 2009, News Release | Decisions: E-1 PDF and E-21 PDF
    FERC accepts compliance filings, subject to conditions from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, December 19, 2008 Decision PDF

    FERC orders submission of data from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and Northeast Power Coordinating Council, Inc. (NPCC), December 19, 2008, Decision PDF
    Modification of Interchange and Transmission Loading Relief Reliability Standards; and Electric Reliability Organization Interpretation of Specific Requirements of Four Reliability Standards, April 21, 2008, NOPR PDF

    Statement of administrative policy on processing reliability notices of penalty and order revising statement in Order No. 672, April 17, 2008, Administrative Policy PDF

    FERC joins investigation into Florida blackout, March 19, 2008, News Release | Order PDF

    Mandatory Reliability Standard for Nuclear Plant Interface Coordination (NOPR), March 20, 2008, NOPR PDF

    Order providing guidance on recovery of reliability penalty costs by regional transmission organizations, March 20, 2008, Decision PDF

    FERC conditionally approves amended Rules of Procedures for NERC, February 21, 2008 - The Order approves a new section 1600, which would establish a process for NERC or a Regional Entity to issue requests for data or information. The order conditionally approves section 1600 of NERC's Rules of Procedure and directs NERC to make a compliance filing within 90 days of issuance of this order Decision E-12 PDF

    FERC denies rehearing of its November 15, 2007 Order, February 21, 2008 - In the November 15 Order, the Commission affirmed NERC's determination that the Florida Reliability Coordinating Council (FRCC), a NERC Regional Entity, had properly registered Lee County, Florida (Lee County) as a generator owner and had registered Covanta Lee, Inc. (Covanta), a contractor operating the Lee County generating facility, as a generator operator. Further, the November 15 Order affirmed NERC's determination that FRCC had properly registered the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County, Florida (SWA) as a generator owner and generator operator. Decision E-11 PDF

    FERC remands proceeding to Electric Reliability Organization, February 21, 2008 - FERC remands to the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), a decision in which NERC found that the Southeastern Power Administration (SEPA) was properly included on the NERC compliance registry as a transmission operator and resource planner, and thus subject to mandatory and enforceable Reliability Standards applicable to those functions. SERC Reliability Corporation (SERC), a NERC Regional Entity, registered SEPA as a transmission operator and resource planner. SEPA sought NERC review of SERC's decision and, after affirmation by NERC, appealed to the Commission to reverse the NERC determination. The Commission remands this proceeding to NERC for further consideration and to submit, within 60 days of the date of this order, a revised registration determination that addresses the Commission's concerns Decision E-10 PDF
    Commission approves Reliability Standards, December 27, 2007, Order No. 705 PDF

    Commission rules on electric reliability organization registry determinations for Direct Energy Services, LLC, Sempra Energy Solutions LLC and Strategic Energy, L.L.C., December 20, 2007, Decision PDF
    Commission approves modified Violation Risk Factors submitted by NERC, November 16, 2007, Decision PDF

    Commission affirms electric reliability organization compliance registry determinations for Lee County, Florida, November 15, 2007, Decision PDF
    Commission increases funding for grid reliability organizations, October 18, 2007, News Release | Decisions E-2 PDF and E-14 PDF
    Commission directs staff to convene a technical conference to further explore the registration of retail power marketers in the Reliability First region as Load Serving Entities, September 26, 2007, Decision PDF

    FERC clarifies earlier decision and directs NERC to clarify some of its rules, September 20, 2007, News Release | Decision E-1 PDF
    Commission proposes to approve three planning and operating reliability standards, August 13, 2007, Decision PDF
    Commission proposes adoption of new reliability standards for cyber security in the bulk power system: a set of reliability standards to help safeguard the nation's bulk electric power supply system against potential disruptions from cyber attacks. The NOPR also calls for NERC to develop modifications to address specific concerns identified by the Commission, July 19, 2007, News Release | Decision E-5 PDF | NOPR PDF | Order 693-A PDF
    Commission approves 22 Violation Risk Factors associated with Commission-approved Reliability Standards, June 26, 2007, Decision PDF

    Commission approves eight regional Reliability Standards for the Western Interconnection, June 8, 2007, Decision PDF
May April
    Commission accepts NERC's regional reliability entity delegation agreements; additional WECC funding approved. Third in a series of orders designed to establish a new regime to ensure reliability for the nation's bulk electric power system, laying the foundation for mandatory, enforceable power-system reliability standards to be in place in time for this summer's peak electricity demand season, April 19, 2007, News Release | Decision E-19 PDF | Decision E-2 PDF
March February
    WECC's Reliability Coordinator Activities Conference Ordered: Commission staff to convene a technical conference to discuss the issues raised concerning WECC’s reliability coordinator activities, February 15, 2007, Decision PDF
    Inquiry into Gas-Electric Coordination Issues: Scheduling practices of ISOs and RTOs; et al.), October 25, 2006, Decision PDF

    Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Proposed Reliability Standards: Proposed rule would approve 83 NERC reliability standards; Funding for statutory activities through ERO approved, October 19, 2006, News Release | NOPR PDF | Decision E-3 PDF
    Approval of EEI's Spare Transformer Equipment Program: Commission acts to improve security of Nation's power grid, September 21, 2006, News Release | Decision PDF
    ERO Certification and WIRAB Approval: NERC certified as Electric Reliability Organization; Western Governors’ Reliability Advisory body accepted, July 20, 2006, News Release | Decisions E-5 PDF and E-6 PDF
May April
    April 18, 2006 - Initiation of Reliability Standards Rulemaking: Commission announces rulemaking for processing Reliability Standards pending ERO certification News Release | Notice PDF
March February January
    Reliability in Washington, DC: Pepco, PJM directed to develop plan to assure reliability in Washington, DC region, January 9, 2006, News Release | Decision PDF
September August June
    North America Cooperation: States and Canada Agencies cooperate to ensure electric reliability in North America, June 30, 2005, News Release | Terms of Reference PDF

    Support of Formation of Independent Transmission Companies: New policy removes barriers to formation of independent transmission companies, June 27, 2005, News Release | Policy Statement PDF
December May
    General Reliability Compensation Policy: Commission announced a general Reliability Compensation Policy in the PJM Order, May 6, 2004, Docket No. EL03-236-000 PDF
    Blackout Task Force recommendation: FERC takes prompt action in response to Blackout Task Force recommendations; outlines power reliability policy, April 14, 2004, News Release | Presentations Event Details | Policy Statement (PL04-5) PDF | Order (EL04-52) PDF
    Independent Study of the Ohio's Power Grid: The Commission has ordered FirstEnergy Corp. to pay for an independent study of the state's power grid, where the massive August blackout started. They have 120 days to study the stability of the power grid, December 24, 2003, Read More PDF

    FERC to Require Reporting of Power-Grid Reliability Violations: The Commission directed staff PDF to develop an order that will require transmission system operators to report violations of the industry’s power-grid reliability standards, December 17, 2003
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