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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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June 2016 Technical Conference

Commission staff will convene a technical conference on June 27, 28, and 29, 2016 to discuss opportunities for increasing real-time and day-ahead market efficiency through improved software.

This conference will bring together experts from diverse backgrounds and experiences, including electric system operators, software developers, government, research centers and academia for the purposes of stimulating discussion, sharing information, and identifying fruitful avenues for research concerning the technical aspects of improved software for increasing efficiency. This conference is intended to build on the discussions initiated in the previous Commission staff technical conferences on increasing market and planning efficiency through improved software. As such, staff will be facilitating a discussion to explore research and operational advances with respect to market modeling that appear to have significant promise for potential efficiency improvements. Broadly, such topics fall into the following categories:

  1. Improvements to the representation of physical constraints that are either not currently modeled or currently modeled using mathematical approximations (e.g., modeling voltage and reactive power though alternating current (AC) optimal power flow modeling, modeling contingencies or events beyond first contingencies);

  2. Consideration of uncertainty to better maximize expected market surplus (e.g., stochastic modeling, or other improved modeling approaches to energy and reserve dispatch that efficiently manage uncertainty);

  3. Improvements to the ability to identify and use flexibility in the existing systems (e.g., optimal transmission switching, active or dynamic transmission ratings, and modeling ramping capability needs); and

  4. Other improvements in algorithms, model formulations, or hardware that may allow for increases in market efficiency.

Within these or related subject areas, we encourage presentations that discuss best modeling practices, existing modeling practices that need improvement, any advances made since last year’s conference, or related perspectives on increasing market efficiency through improved power systems modeling.

Due to new security procedures, we strongly encourage attendees who are not citizens of the United States to register for the conference by June 1, 2016, in order to avoid any delay associated with being processed by FERC security.

The Commission will accept comments following the conference, with a deadline of July 31, 2016.

The technical conference will be at:

    Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
    888 First Street, NE
    Rooms 3M-2, 3M-3, and 3M-4
    Washington, DC 20426

Please note: While the Commission presents this event for informational purposes only, some organizations may choose to provide credit for continuing education or professional development for participation in this conference. Such credits are offered by these organizations solely at their discretion. For registered participants that require a confirmation of participation in this event, please contact Daniel Kheloussi ( by July 31, 2016.