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How to Obtain QF Status for Your Facility

An owner or operator of a generating facility with a maximum net power production capacity of greater than 1 MW (1000 kW) may obtain QF status by either submitting a self-certification or applying for and obtaining a Commission certification of QF status, and must do so by completing and electronically filing a Form No. 556 PDF with the Commission. The Form No. 556 PDF can be downloaded, electronically completed, saved to your local computer or local network, and then submitted as an attachment to an eFiling submission (using the Commission's online eFiling system). The instructions on the first pages of the Form No. 556 PDF itself contains additional details on how to file using eFiling. There is no fee with self-certifications, but there is a fee associated with applications for Commission certifications (see our Filing Fees schedule).

Order No. 732 does not require facilities with net capacity of 1 MW or less to make a filing with the Commission to claim QF status, although applicants for such facilities may seek certification if they wish to do so. All facilities (including those that are exempted from filing for QF certification because of their smaller size) must meet certain qualifications in order to be a qualifying facility. (See What is a Qualifying Facility?)

The choice of whether to certify a facility through a self-certification or Commission certification is up to the applicant. In some instances, negotiations with a lender or utility purchaser may proceed more smoothly if the facility has been certified by the Commission.

When eFiling a completed Form No. 556 PDF, select one of the following filing types, as appropriate, from the Electric menu when prompted:

  • (Fee) Application for Commission Cert. (or recert) as Cogeneration QF
  • (Fee) Application for Commission Cert. (or recert) as Small Power QF
  • Self-Certification Notice (QF, EG, FC)
  • Self-Recertification of Qualifying Facility (QF)
  • Supplemental Information or Request (use this selection if you are supplementing or correcting a filing, whether on your own initiative, or at the request of Commission staff)

If you are required to pay a fee, you will be prompted to submit your fee electronically during the electronic filing process. You can pay via credit card or electronic debit from a bank account.

NOTE: QF filings have an associated notice requirement; see the Commission's QF Notice Requirements website for more information.

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