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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Notice Requirements

NOTE: All filers (including those submitting self-certifications and those submitting applications for Commission certification) are required to serve notice to the following entities:

  • Each electric utility with which it expects to interconnect, transmit or sell electric energy to or purchase supplementary, standby, back-up and maintenance power; and
  • The state regulatory authority of each state where the facility and each affected utility is located.

In addition, the Commission will provide notice to the public through a publication in the Federal Register of a description of the filing for the following types of filings.  Applicants are not required to provide a draft of these Federal Register notices with their filings.  Rather, the Federal Register notice information will be automatically pulled from their electronic Form 556.

  • Application for Commission certification
  • Self-certification of an EPAct 2005 “new” cogeneration facility.