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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Geographic Coordinates

If a street address does not exist for your facility, and if you are filing a Form No. 556 PDF, then line 3c of the Form No. 556 PDF requires you to report your facility's geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) three places beyond the decimal in decimal degrees. Please convert all coordinates reported in degrees, minutes and seconds to decimal degrees using the following formula: decimal degrees = degrees + (minutes/60) + (seconds/3600).

You may use reliable web-based resources to help you locate your facility's geographic coordinates. For most applicants, the easiest way to obtain their facility's geographic coordinates is through the use of a web-based map service. In each of the web services below, the values reported for latitude are north latitude if positive (N or +), and south latitude if negative (S or -). The values reported for longitude are east longitude if positive (E or +), and west longitude if negative (W or -).

To assist filers and minimize reporting burden, the Commission is providing some possible resources that may help filers find their facility's geographic coordinates. (Please note that the Commission does not sponsor or promote these entities but mentions them only as potential resources.)

Google Maps External Link
Navigate in Google Maps to your facility and zoom to street level. Right-click the map at the location of your facility and select "What's Here?" from the menu. The coordinates of the location at which you right-clicked will be displayed as [latitude],[longitude] in the search bar at the top of the page and in the web page's tab.

Bing Maps (by Microsoft) External Link
Navigate in Bing Maps to your facility and zoom to street level. Right-click the map at the location of your facility and select "Center map here" from the menu. Then click the "Share" icon in the top right corner of the window. A short URL link will be shown. Click “Show full URL” to view the full link. A link will be displayed that contains the coordinates of the location at which you right-clicked. The coordinates are displayed as cp=[latitude]~[longitude].

Other Resources
You may also be able or you may to obtain your facility's geographic coordinates for example, using a GPS device (including many GPS-enabled cellular telephones or PDAs), the Google Earth External Linkapplication, a property survey, various engineering or construction drawings, a property deed, or a municipal or county map showing property lines.

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