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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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List of Significant Mergers filed with the Commission – 2000

The following list provides access to the Commission order approving or setting the proposed merger for hearing. To conduct searches of other Commission orders, such as related orders in the same proceeding, access eLibrary.

Lead Docket No. Principal Merging Entities Status Date Issued
EC00-106-000 TXT file
  • Entergy Power Marketing Corp.
  • Koch Energy Trading, Inc.
Issued 11/24/00
EC00-63-000 TXT file
  • Sierra Pacific Power Company
  • Nevada Power Company
  • Portland General Electric
Issued 11/24/00
EC00-75-000 TXT file
  • NiSource Inc.
  • Columbia Energy Group
Issued 07/26/00
EC00-73-000 TXT file
  • El Paso Energy Corporation
  • Coastal Corporation
Issued 07/26/00
EC00-28-000 TIFF file
  • UtiliCorp United, Inc.
  • The Empire District Electric Company
Conditionally Issued 07/26/00
EC00-27-000 TXT file
  • UtiliCorp United, Inc.
  • St. Joseph Light & Power Company
Conditionally Issued 07/26/00
EC00-55-000 TXT file
  • Florida Progress Corporation
  • CP&L Energy, Inc.
Issued 07/12/00
EC00-70-000 TXT file
  • Interstate Power Company
  • IES Utilities, Inc.
Issued 07/07/00
EC00-67-000 TXT file
  • PowerGen plc
  • LG&E Energy Corporation
Issued 06/29/00
EC00-76-000 TXT file
  • Indeck Capital, Inc.
  • Black Hills Corporation
Issued 06/16/00
EC00-66-000 TXT file
  • Consolidated Water Power Company
  • Stora Enso Oyj
Issued 06/15/00
EC00-49-000 TXT file
  • Consolidated Edison, Inc.
  • Northeast Utilities
Issued 06/01/00
EC00-26-000 TXT file
  • Commonwealth Edison Co.
  • PECO Energy Co.
Issued 04/12/00
EC00-1-000 TXT file
  • Energy East Corp.
  • CMP Group, Inc.
Issued 04/03/00
EC98-40-000 TXT file
  • American Electric Power Company
  • Central and Southwest
Conditionally Issued 03/15/00
EC99-101-000 TXT file
  • Northern States Power Co. (Minnesota)
  • New Century Energies, Inc.
Issued 01/12/00