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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Industries Electric General Information Electric Market-Based Rates

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Commission Orders Decided at Open Meetings


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2010 MBR Orders
Docket No. Date Issued
RM04-7-007 04/15/10 Market-Based Rates For Wholesale Sales of Electric Energy, Capacity And Ancillary Services By Public Utilities (Order on Rehearing and Clarification)
RM10-20-000 04/15/10 Market-Based Rate Affiliate Restrictions (Notice of Proposed Rulemaking)
Order No. 697-D (RM04-7-00) 03/18/10 Market-Based Rates For Wholesale Sales of Electric Energy, Capacity And Ancillary Services By Public Utilities (Order on Rehearing and Clarification)
ER02-2001-014 et al. 03/18/10 Electric Quarterly Reports, G&G Energy, Inc. et al.
ER10-468-000 and ER10-468-001 02/18/10 Google Energy LLC
2009 MBR Orders
Docket No. Date Issued
ER99-1773-009, ER99-2284-009, et al. 12/17/09 AES Creative Resources, L.P.
AEE 2, L.L.C., et al.
ER99-2311-012, ER97-2846-015, et al 11/19/09 Carolina Power & Light Company,
Florida Power Corporation, et al
ER96-719-025, ER97-2801-026, ER99-2156-018 07/16/09 MidAmerican Energy Company, PacifiCorp, and Cordova Energy Company LLC
ER96-780-014, ER96-780-015, ER96-780-016, et al. 07/16/09 Southern Company Services, Inc. et al.
ER99-2342-012 07/16/09 Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC
ER99-2342-012 07/16/09 Tampa Electric Company
ER91-569-038, ER91-569-039, ER91-569-040, et al 07/16/09 Entergy Services, Inc. and Entergy Power, Inc.
R99-2311-010, ER97-2846-013, et al 07/16/09 Carolina Power & Light Company and Florida Power Corporation

Commission adjusts the Simultaneous Transmission Import Limit (SIL) studies provided by the Southeast Transmission Owners as part of their updated market power analyses.
ER99-2311-010, ER97-2846-013 07/16/09 Progress Energy Inc. et al
ER94-1188-045, ER99-1623-014, ER98-4540-014, ER98-1279-016 07/16/09 LG&E Energy Marketing Inc. et al.
ER01-2636-005 05/21/09 ALLETE, Inc.
ER02-2001-011, ER06-250-000, ER05-294-000 05/21/09 Knedergy, LLC and Westbank Energy Capital, LLC
ER02-2001-010, ER05-1420-000 et al. 02/19/09 Electric Quarterly Reports, Leham Brothers Commodities Services, Inc. et al.
ER00-3251-015 et al. 01/15/09 Exelon et al.
2008 MBR Orders
Docket No. Date Issued
EL08-34-002 12/19/08 Maryland Public Service Commission v. PJM Interconnection, L.L.C.
ER09-88-000 12/18/08 Southern Company Services, Inc.
Order No. 697-B
12/18/08 Market-Based Rates For Wholesale Sales of Electric Energy, Capacity and Ancillary Services By Public Utilities
ER96-780-020 12/18/08 Southern Company Services, Inc.
ER02-2001-009 11/20/08 Electric Quarterly Reports
ER01-1403-006 et al. 10/17/08 FirstEnergy Operating Companies et al
ER00-1712-008 et al. 10/17/08 PPL Electric Utilities Corporation et al
ER01-468-006 et al. 10/17/08 Dominion Energy Marketing, Inc. et al
ER02-2001-008 et al. 09/18/08 Solaro Energy Marketing Corporation et al.
ER91-195-000 &
07/17/08 Western Systems Power Pool
ER01-2569-006 et al. 06/19/08 Boralex Livermore Falls, LP et al.
ER99-2541-009 et al. 05/19/08 Carthage Energy, LLC et al.
ER96-2585-007 et al. 05/16/08 Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation et al.
ER96-496-016 et al. 05/16/08 Northeast Utilities Service Company and Select Energy, Inc.
ER96-1551-019 04/17/08 Public Service Company of New Mexico
EL08-37-000  04/17/08 Integrys Energy Group, Inc. 
ER91-195-000 &
02/21/08 Western Systems Power Pool
ER01-2569-005 et al. 01/17/08 Boralex Livemore Falls Inc. et al.
ER00-2268-019 et al. 01/17/08 Pinnacle West Capital Corporation et al.
EL08-10-000 01/17/08 Wisconsin Electric Power Company
2007 MBR Orders
Docket No. Date Issued
ER96-2585-006 et al. 12/20/2007 Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation, et al.
ER96-1085-010 et al. 12/20/2007 South Carolina Electric and Gas Company
ER97-4166-024 et al. 10/18/2007 Southern Companies Energy Marketing, Inc, and Southern Companies Services, Inc.
ER97-4166-018 et al. 06/21/2007 Southern Companies Energy Marketing, Inc, and Southern Companies Services, Inc.
ER97-4166-022 et al. 06/21/2007 Southern Companies Energy Marketing, Inc, and Southern Companies Services, Inc.
EL07-69-000 & ER91-195-000 06/21/2007 Western Systems Power Pool
EL07-37-000 & EL07-40-000 et al. 04/19/07

Californians for Renewable Energy, Inc. et al.
ER03-876-000 et al. 03/01/07

Illumina Energy Solutions, Inc. et al.
ER98-2603-004 et al. 03/01/07 Southwood 2000, Inc.
2006 MBR Orders
Docket No. Date
ER07-173-000 12/21/06 Tampa Electric Company
ER00-2268-017 et al. 12/21/06 Pinnacle West Capital Corp(et al.)
ER06-1384-000 et al. 10/20/06 Entergy-Koch Trading, LP
ER06-1443-000 et al. 10/20/06 Pennsylvania Power Company (et al.)
ER91-569-032 et al. 09/22/06 Entergy Services, Inc.
ER98-1150-004 et al. 07/20/06 Market-Based Rates for
ER97-2801-006 et al. 06/20/06 PacifiCorp and PPM Energy, Inc.
RM04-7 | Fact Sheet PDF | News Release 05/19/06 Market-Based Rates for Wholesale Sales of Electricity by Public Utilities
ER99-3491-005 et. al. | News Release 05/18/06 Electricity by Public Utilities
ER02-2001-005 et. al. | News Release 04/20/06 Electric Quarterly Reports
ER96-1551-013 et. al. 04/21/06 Public Service Company of New Mexico
ER96-719-006 et al. 03/17/06 MidAmerican Energy Company et al.
ER97-435-017 et. al. 03/21/06 Oklahoma Gas and Electric et. al.
ER02-2263-003 03/16/06 Southern California Edison Company
ER03-1079-006 et al. 03/17/06 Aquila, Inc. et al.
ER01-1099-010 et al. | News Release 02/16/06 Cleco Power LLC et al.
ER96-1085-008 et al. | News Release 02/16/06 South Carolina Electric and Gas Company
ER02-2001-005 et al. 02/17/06  Electric Quarterly Reports et al.
ER02-2001-005 et al. 02/17/06 Electric Quarterly Reports et al.
ER02-1884-002 01/19/06 Waterside Power, L.L.C.
2005 MBR Orders
Docket No. Date
ER05-1249-000 et al. 12/19/05 Granite State Electric Company, Massachusetts Electric Company, The Narragansett Electric Company, Niagara Mohawk Power Corp., and New England Power Company
ER05-1511-000 11/17/05 Noble Thumb Windpark I, LLC
ER05-1366-000 et al. 11/22/05 Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company et al.
ER00-3562-003 et al. 11/17/05 Calpine Energy Services, L.P. et al.
ER99-2342-004 et al. 11/17/05 Tampa Electric Company et al.
ER05-287-001 et al. 11/17/05 Granite Ridge Energy, LLC
ER05-17-005 11/17/05 Trans-Elect NTD Path 15, LLC
ER02-1084-002 et al. | News Release 11/03/05 Alcan Power Marketing, Inc. et al.
ER98-3809-000 et al. 11/03/05 3E Technologies, Inc. et al.
ER02-1406-006 et al. 10/21/05 Acadia Power Partners, LLC et al.
ER99-1005-004 et al. 10/21/05 Kansas City Power & Light Company et al.
ER98-1466-003 et al. News Release 10/20/05 Allegheny Power et al.
EL05-68-000 et al. 09/15/05 TECO-PANDA Generating Company, LP et al.
EL05-5-002 et al. 09/19/05 Alliant Energy Corporate Services, Inc.
EL05-83-000 et al. 09/19/05 Aquila Inc. et al.
ER97-3923-002 07/22/05 Infinite Energy, Inc
ER03-1331-003 et al. 07/22/05 Williams Power Company, Inc. et al.
ER99-3125-001 07/22/05 Minergy Neenah, LLC
R04-170-005 et al. 07/05/05 MxEnergy Electric, Inc. and Total Gas & Electricity, Inc.
ER00-3251-004 et al. 07/05/05 Exelon Generation Company, LLC et al.
ER03-329-006 et al. 07/05/05 NorthWestern Corp et al.
ER01-2460-002 et al. 07/05/05 PSEG Lawrenveburg Energy Comapny, Inc. and PSEG Waterford Energy LLC
RM04-14-001 06/16/05 Reporting Requirement for Changes in Status for Public Utilities With Market-Based Rate Authority
ER05-850-000, et al. 06/16/05 Brownsville Power I, L.L.C., Caledonia Power I, L.L.C. and Cinergy Capital & Trading, Inc.
ER96-1085-006 et al. 06/16/05 South Carolina Electric & Gas Company
ER01-1011-002 et al. 06/16/05 Redbud Energy LP
ER01-3103-007 et al. 06/17/05 Astoria Energy LLC
ER99-4160-003 et al. 06/16/05 Dynegy Power Marketing, Inc. et al.
ER00-895-006 et al. 06/16/05 Onondaga Cogeneration Limited Partnership
ER05-816 et al. 05/26/05 CES Marketing VI, LLC, et al.
of Mobile Energy, LLC
CPN Pleasant Hill, LLC
ER05-725 05/26/05 Deephaven RV Sub Fund Ltd.
ER98-2329-003 et al. 05/26/05 Central Vermont Public Service Corporation
ER01-205-007 et al. 06/02/05 Xcel Energy Services Inc., et al.
ER01-1527-004 et al. 05/26/05 Sierra Pacific Power and Nevada Power Company
ER01-2537-001 et al. 05/26/05 CalPeak Power - Midway LLC, et al.
ER02-388-003 05/26/05 HC Power Marketing, LLC
ER97-851-012 et al. 05/26/05 H.Q. Energy Services (U.S.), Inc.
ER01-2287-003, et al. | News Release | Presentation Power Point 05/25/05 South Point Energy Center, LLC, Gilroy Energy Center, LLC and MEP Pleasant Hill, LLC, Cleco Power, Cleco Evangeline LLC, Perryville Energy Partners, LLC and Acadia Power Partners
ER99-2541-005 et al. 05/25/05 Carthage Energy, LLC, et al.
ER00-1737-004 et al. 05/25/05 Virginia Electric and Power Company, et al.
ER97-3359-006 et al. 05/25/05 Florida Power & Light, et al.
ER96-1361-008 05/26/05 Atlantic City Electric Co., et al.
ER01-1265-005 et al. 05/26/05 Mirant Americas Energy Marketing, LP, et al.
EL05-79 et al. 05/26/05 TransCanada Power (Castleton), LLC
ER96-719-002 et al. 06/01/05 MidAmerican Energy Company
ER95-892-055 et al. 05/26/05 CL Power Sales One, LLC, et al.
ER95-1007-014 et al. 05/26/05 Logan Generating Company, LP, et al.
ER91-569et al. 05/05/05 Entergy Services, Inc.
ER97-4166 et al. 05/05/05 Southern Company Energy Marketing, Inc. and Southern Company Services, Inc.
ER98-1643-006 et al. 05/05/05 Portland General Electric Company, Oregon Electric Utility Company, LLC
ER05-703-000 05/05/05 Public Service Electric & Gas Company and PSEG Energy Resources & Trade LLC
ER02-2453-001 et al. 05/05/05 Reliant Energy Coolwater, Inc, et al.
ER03-9 et al. 05/05/05 LG&E Energy Marketing, Inc.
ER97-2801 et al. 05/09/05 PacifiCorp and PPM Energy, Inc.
ER00-1952-001 et al. 05/06/05 Black Hills Colorado, LLC, et al.
ER99-2251 et al. 05/05/05 Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. et al.
ER97-2846 et al. 05/05/05 Florida Power Corporation (FPC) and Carolina Power & Light Company
ER05-598-000 et al. 04/14/05 Dartmouth PPA Holdings LLC and Dartmouth Power Associates L.P.
ER02-600-003 04/14/05 Delta Energy Center, LLC
ER01-2636-002 et al. 04/14/05 ALLETE, Inc., dba Minnesota Power and Rainy River Energy Corporation
ER01-2262-005 et al. 04/14/05 Frederickson Power L.P., EPCOR Merchant and Capital (US) Inc., EPCOR Power Development, Inc., and EPDC, Inc.
ER01-1403-002 et al. 04/14/05 FirstEnergy Operating Companies et al.
ER01-1302-004 04/14/05 American Ref-Fuel Company of Niagara, L.P.
ER00-2173-003 et al. 04/14/05 Northern Indiana Public Service Company et al.
ER02-237-002 et al. 04/14/05 J. Aron & Company et al.
ER03-1079-002 et al. 04/14/05 Aquila, Inc. et al.
ER99-3693-002 et al. 04/14/05 Midwest Generation, LLC et al.
ER98-1150-003 et al. 04/14/05 Tucson Electric Power Company
ER98-2184-007 et al. 04/18/05 AES Huntington Beach, LLC et al.
ER99-830-009 04/14/05 Merrill Lynch Capital Services, Inc.
ER99-845-008 et al. 04/13/05 Puget Sound Energy, Inc.
ER99-230-007 et al. 04/14/05 Alliant Energy Corporate Services, Inc.
ER96-1551-010 et al. 04/14/05 Public Service Company of New Mexico
ER98-4400-008 et al. 04/14/05 Pittsfield Generating Company
ER05-493-000 et al. 03/24/05 Saracen Energy, L.P
ER05-487-000 03/23/05 FPL Energy Cowboy Wind, LLC
ER05-534-000 03/23/05 Eastern Desert Power LLC
ER05-349-000 03/24/05 Georgia Electric Cooperative
ER05-350-000 et al. 03/25/05 Mitchell Electric Membership
ER05-453-000 et al. 03/25/05 Wisconsin River Power Company
ER01-2644-006 03/23/05 Colton Power
ER98-855-002 et al. 03/25/05 Wisconsin Electric Power Company
ER01-1178-004 et al. 03/23/05 Sempra Energy Resources
ER01-2233-002 et al. 03/25/05 GWF Energy LLC
ER00-586-002 et al. 03/25/05 Madison Gas and Electric Company
ER00-2529-002 03/25/05 Dow Pipeline Company
ER96-496-010 et al. 03/24/05 Northeast Utilities Service Company
ER03-9-002 et al. 03/23/05 Westar Energy, Inc
ER95-1528-010 et al. 03/25/05 Wisconsin Public Service Corporation, et al.
ER03-762-002 03/35/05 Alliant Energy Corporate Services
ER05-454-000 03/03/05 Bear Swamp Power Company, LLC
ER05-455-000 03/03/05 Bellows Falls Power Company, LLC
ER05-463-000 03/03/05 Mendota Hills LLC
ER05-481-000 03/03/05 Trimont Wind I LLC
ER05-419-000 03/03/05 Telemagine, Inc.
ER99-1435-003 03/03/05 Avista Corporation (et al.)
ER97-1481-003 03/03/05 Idaho Power Company
ER98-830-006 03/03/05 Millennium Partners, L.P.
ER94-1061-024 03/03/05 Rainbow Energy Marketing Corporation
ER99-1757-002 03/03/05 The Empire District Electric Company
ER99-2342-001 03/03/05 Tampa Electric Company
ER02-2397-002 03/03/05 Great Lakes Hydro America, LLC
ER05-294-000 03/03/05 Westbank Energy Capital, LLC
2004 MBR Orders
Docket No. Date Issued
ER96-2495-020 12/17/04 AEP Power Marketing, Inc. et al.
ER91-569-023 12/17/04 Entergy Services, Inc. et al.
ER99-3677-003 12/17/04 CMS Generation Michigan Power L.L.C. et al.
ER98-4512-003 12/17/04 Consolidated Water Power Company et al.
ER96-2602-004 12/15/04 Dayton Power and Light Company et al.
ER96-110-010 | News Release 12/15/04 Duke Power, a Division of Duke Energy Corporation et al.
ER99-2416-002 12/17/04 El Paso Electric Company et al.
ER99-1005-001 12/17/04 Kansas City Power and Light Company et al.
ER00-2268-005 12/20/04 Pinnacle West Capital Corporation et al.
ER99-845-004 12/20/04 Puget Sound Energy, Inc. et al.
ER96-1551-007 12/20/04 Public Service Company of New Mexico et al.
ER97-4166-015 12/17/04 Southern Company Energy Marketing, Inc. et al.
ER05-68-000 12/17/04 Pastoria Energy Center, LLC
ER04-1137-000 12/20/04 MeadWestvaco Energy Services, LLC et al.
ER98-2270-003 12/16/04 PEI Power Corporation
ER99-230-002 12/20/04 Alliant Energy Corporate Services, Inc. et al.
ER96-2495-018 et al. Order | News Release 06/08/04 AEP Power Marketing et al.
ER96-2495-016 et al. Order | News Release | Presentation Power Point 04/14/04 AEP Power Marketing et al.