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Electric Market-Based Rates

The Commission grants market-based rate authorization for wholesale sales of electric energy, capacity and ancillary services by sellers that can demonstrate that they and their affiliates lack or have adequately mitigated horizontal and vertical market power. Discussed herein are the most common types of filings made concerning electric market-based rate authority and details on how to submit those filings.

The Final Rule on Electric Market-Based Rates For Wholesale Sales Of Electric Energy, Capacity And Ancillary Services By Public Utilities and its progeny (Order Nos. 697 through 697-D), offer greater detail regarding the Commission’s currently effective policies applicable to electric market-based rate authorization.

On October 16, 2015, FERC issued Order No. 816, which clarifies and streamlines certain aspects of its market-based rate program. Order No. 816 details requirements for market-based rate filings, including requirements that the horizontal market power wholesale market share and pivotal supplier indicative screens, simultaneous transmission import limit (SIL) Submittals 1 and 2, and the asset appendix each be submitted in workable electronic spreadsheet form.

How do I get authorization? (includes becoming a Power Marketer)     Market-Based Rates FAQs

Change in Status (What do I need to file if there is a change at the company?)     Triennial Reviews (Making a Triennial filing)

Market-Based Rate Tariff (Changing your tariff)     Notices of Succession or Cancellation (How can I reflect a change in the companies name? How do I cancel the companies tariff?)

What are the eTariff Codes to use?     Order No. 816 Information and Related Files

Recent Direction on Market Power Analysis