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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Industries Electric General Information Exempt Wholesale Generators (EWG)

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Exempt Wholesale Generators (EWG)

The Commission reviews certifications of exempt wholesale generator (EWG) status to determine whether the entity filing the certification falls within the definition of an EWG. In most cases these filings are self-certifications that become effective by operation of the Commissionís regulations upon the conclusion of a 60-day period that begins on the date that a complete self-certification is filed with the Commission. Upon petition, the Commission may issue a declaratory order that determines whether a company qualifies as an EWG. This webpage provides general information on EWG status, guidance on EWG certification filings and on updates to those filings, as well as links to major orders relevant to EWG matters.

What is an EWG Contains information concerning the definition of an EWG.     Significance of EWG Status Contains information on how EWG status affects obligations under PUHCA 2005    

EWGs and the Federal Power Act Contains information on the significance of EWG status for matters arising under the Federal Power Act     EWG Certification Procedures Contains information on Commission procedures for establishing EWG status.    

Commission Review of EWG Self-Certifications Describes the process used to review EWG self-certification filed with the Commission
     Incidental Activities Contains information on activities that EWGs may engage in beyond wholesale generation and sales.    

Sample Notice of Self-Certification Sample EWG notice of self-certification and a document providing commentary on the core EWG certification representations.     Other EWG Filings Information on filings that may or should be made after a company has been certified as an EWG, specifically, Notices of Material Change in Fact, Notices of Non-Material Change in Fact, and Notices of Self-Recertification of EWG Status    

Important Orders and Other Documents Contains links to Commission orders and other documents relevant to EWG status.     Frequently Asked Questions Contains information on common issues for filers.