Section 10(c) of the Federal Power Act requires that hydropower projects be maintained in a good state of repair to ensure efficient operation of electric generation. The following list identifies hydropower projects that have not operated for more than one year.

This list is updated periodically based on-site inspections and communication with regulated parties by Commission staff. Anyone who desires information regarding these projects may use the Commission’s eLibrary reference system. For assistance with this system follow the links under eLibrary HELP.

Project Number Project Name Licensee or Exemptee State License or Exemption or Conduit Exemption Issuance Date Capacity
2889 Lytle Creek San Bernardino Valley M. W. D. CA E 4/17/81 1,300
5697 Nikola I Lassen Research Co CA E 4/19/82 30
6878 Adams Trafalgar Power Inc. NY E 7/12/83 387
6942 Little Bear Creek Weinert, Joe CA E 5/9/83  10
7464 Marden Brook Moser Margaret & Alexis NH E 12/13/83 5.5
9968 Aqueduct Transfer Massachusetts Water Res Auth MA C 1/27/87 750
10522 Whittesley Franklin Hydro Inc. NY L 12/24/91 325
10742 Mesa Mesa Consolidated Water Dist CA C 06/16/89  80
11143 Glen Falls Glenn Falls Hydro, LLC. CT L 3/2/92 250
11322 Columbia Water Supply Tuolumne Utilities District CA L 08/28/95  340

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