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    Project NameDescriptionCompany NameDocketSub DocketInformationStateRegion
     An application proposing to study the feasibility of hydropower near the town of Luttrell, in Union and Grainger Counties, Tennessee.Reliable Storage 1 LLCP-14121 Notice of ApplicationTNSoutheast
     An application proposing to study the feasibility of hydropower near the town of Sneedville, on Keaton Creek, in Hancock County, TennesseeReliable Storage 1 LLCP-14120000Order issuing preliminary permitTNSoutheast
     On April 24, 2014, Interstate Power & Light Company, a local distribution company and Hinshaw pipeline, filed an application for a limited jurisdiction blanket certificate to transport gas in interstate commerce. IPL requests approval of a rate election pursuant to sections of the Commission’s regulations for firm transportation service on its transmission and distribution systems. IPL’s filing includes a pro forma Statement of Operating Conditions.Interstate Power & Light CompanyCP14-232000Order issuing blanket certificate of limited jurisdictionMNMidwest
     A certificate of public convenience and necessity authorizing Port Dolphin to construct, install, own, operate, and maintain a single-use, 5.8-mile natural gas pipeline and related facilities necessary to provide transportation from the proposed Port Dolphin Project, a deepwater port offshore of Tampa Bay, Florida, to interconnections with Gulfstream Natural Gas SystemPort Dolphin Energy LLCCP07-191001Order issuing certificatesFLSoutheast
     Primarily, this would involve the construction of approximately 17.74 miles of 20-inch-diameter offshore pipeline from a proposed underwater hot tap with the existing 36-inch-diameter Gulfstream Pipeline in Hillsborough County waters of Tampa Bay and connecting to the existing Bartow Power Plant on the east shore of St. Petersburg in Pinellas County, Florida.Gulfstream Natural Gas System, L.L.C.CP07-51000Order issuing certificateFLSoutheast
      City of Clarksville, TennesseeCP13-508001Order granting rehearingTNSoutheast
     An application proposing to study the feasibility of hydropower near the town of Tazewell, in Claiborne County, Tennessee.Reliable Storage 1 LLCP-14124000Order issuing preliminary permitTNSoutheast
     An application proposing to study the feasibility of hydropower near the town of Lake City, in Campbell County, TennesseeReliable Storage 1 LLCP-14125000Order issuing preliminary permitTNSoutheast
      South Carolina Electric & Gas Company516-480 Order granting rehearingSCSoutheast
     They propose to construct (in three phases) and operate: (1) looping of its existing pipeline at three locations in New York and Connecticut ("Phase I "); (2) two compressor units at a new compressor station to be constructed in Milford, Connecticut ("Phase 2"); and (3) a second compressor unit in Brookfield, Connecticut | ("Phase 3") to provide the transportation service.Iroquois Gas Transmission System, LPCP07-457 (formerly PF07-7)000Order issuing certificateCT, NYNortheast
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Updated: February 27, 2015