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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Enforcement Accounting Matters Accounting Releases

Accounting Releases
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Docket No. Title
AR-17 Accounting for Consolidated Money Pools
AR-16 Operating and Administering an Electric Power Exchange
AR-15 Vintage year accounting for general plant accounts
AR-14 Accounting for settlement amounts in Account 555, Purchased power
AR-13 Allowance for Funds Used During Construction
AR-12 Discriminatory Employment Practices
AR-11 Collections and Payments to GRI
AR-10 Reporting Interest During Construction
AR-9 Revenues Received from States for Collecting and Remitting Tax Payments
AR-8 Hydrostatic Testing of Gas Main and Pipelines
AR-7 Gas Turbine Generating Plants
AR-6 Income Tax Effect of Non-recurring Gains or Losses
AR-5 Capitalization of Allowance for Funds Used During Construction
AR-4 Regulatory Commission Expenses
AR-3 Nonproductive Gas Well Drilling Costs
AR-2 Deferrals of Tax Benefits
AR-1 Antitrust Violations