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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Form Communications Test Application

Overview: The FERC Forms Applications use the Internet to download the Form Submission Software (FSS), provide updates to the software on the user's workstation, and allow submission of forms data to the FERC via the Internet. Forms Submission Systems (FSS) include Form 1, Form 6, Form 2, and others that are currently in development.

To accomplish the above the user's PC communicates with a Internet server at the FERC which is dedicated to supporting the FSS. The FSS uses Internet communication protocols called HTTP and FTP.

Most respondent workstations are connected to a company network that uses Firewall technology to protect and isolate the network from the Internet. Occasionally, the company's Firewall is configured to prevent applications from communicating with foreign servers over the Internet. In these cases, the FERC Form Submission Software cannot communicate with the FERC Forms Server to obtain software updates, and for transmission/submission of completed Forms.

The Internet Test Application, which can be downloaded from the FERC Forms site via your Internet browser, is used to test Internet Communications from your workstation to the FERC Forms Server to determine compatibility with FSS. You can obtain the Test Application by first reading the Form Communications Test Application Overview and then downloading the software.

When you download the Test Application, the following screen will appear. You may choose "Run this program from its current location".

File Download prompt

The application will be downloaded and the installation will begin. If you chose the other option, "Save this program to disk", remember where you save it. After the download, locate the downloaded file using Windows Explorer, and double-click on the file to begin installation. The file that is downloaded is named: fercinst.exe.

You will see the following progress display while the application is downloading.

download progress window

When Installation begins, you will get the following screen. Just click "Yes".

security warning prompt

The setup program will want to place the application in the FercTest folder. If the folder does not exist, it will ask if you want to create it. So, click "Yes".

Internet Communications Test Setup window

When the following screen appears, click on the big button shaped like a computer screen to begin the actual installation.

Internet Communications Test Setup window

Once the program installation is complete. Go to the "Start Menu" and run the application. This screen will appear:

Test Access window

Click on "Setup Options" if your site uses a proxy server or Username/Password to authenticate through the Firewall. The Setup Options screen looks like this:

Setup Options window

Only set the setup options if they are used at your site. You may need to contact your computer support personnel for this information.

Then, click on "i". If everything works OK, you will see the following screen:

Test Access window

The application creates a Log File describing in detail all the activities that took place during the test. This log file can be found in the Ferctest Folder and is named Ferctest.log.

The application attempts an exchange of information with the FERC Forms Server using HTTP. The second test receives a small file from the FERC Forms Server using Passive FTP. Should Passive FTP not work, the application attempts regular FTP. The third test sends a small file to the FERC Forms Server.

If all tests pass, you should not experience any difficulty receiving updates to your FORMs software and filing electronically over the Internet.

If you have problems with this application, please email describing the problem. Be sure to attach the Ferctest.log file to your email. The FERC Online Support can also be reached toll-free at 1-866-208-3676.