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Form No. 715 - Annual Transmission Planning and Evaluation Report


Each transmitting utility that operates integrated transmission system facilities that are rated at or above 100 kilovolts (kV), must annually submit this information the Commission.

Through FERC-715, the Commission requires each Respondent to:

  • Identify a contact person [FERC-715, Part 1];

  • Submit in electronic format, its base case power flow data if it does not participate in the development and use of regional power flow data. A Respondent that participates in the development and use of regional power flow studies must either submit in electronic format the regional or sub regional base case power flow data or designate any regional or sub regional organization, or any other single entity to submit in electronic format the regional or sub regional base case power flow data [FERC-715, Part 2];

  • Submit transmission system maps and diagrams used by the Respondent for transmission planning [FERC-715, Part 3], preferably in an electronic format; regardless if changes have taken place during the past year; file these each year;

  • Submit a detailed description of the transmission planning reliability criteria used to evaluate system performance for time frames and planning horizons used in regional and corporate planning [FERC-715, Part 4];

  • Submit a detailed description of the Respondent's transmission planning assessment practices (including, but not limited to, how reliability criteria are applied and the steps taken in performing transmission planning studies) [FERC-715, Part 5]; and

  • Submit a detailed evaluation of the Respondent's anticipated system performance as measured against its stated reliability criteria using its stated assessment practices [FERC-715, Part 6]

The Commission considers the information collected in FERC-715 as Critical Energy Infrastructure Information (CEII) and will treat it as such. Please follow the instructions provided under our CEII Filing Guidelines section - to request a copy of any Form 715 filed with the Commission.

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Form 715

Updated: January 28, 2015