List of Form 1994 FERC 714 Respondents

Electronic Data filed on 6/1/95
Control area hourly system lambda data and planning area hourly system demand data and ten year demand & energy forecast data are grouped and compressed in self-extracting zip files by NERC Region. To maintain the subdirectory structure, use " -d" after the file name when running it to restore the compressed information. Legend: CA = Control Area, PA = Planning Area, HL = Hydro power, No = Not Filed, NC = Not Complete, and NA = Not Applicable. Companies not listed did not file electronically.

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Code Respondent Name Abrev. Lambda Demand Forecast
538 Allegheny Power Service APS Yes Yes Yes
829 American Electric Power AEP Yes See ECAR Yes
40577 AMP-Ohio AMPO Not CA Yes Yes
1692 Big Rivers Electric Corp BREC Yes Yes Yes
7004 Buckeye Power, Inc BUCK Not CA See ECAR Yes
3755 Cleveland Electric Illumin CEI Yes Yes Yes
3542 Cincinnati Gas & Electric CG&E NC See ECAR No
4254 Consumers Power Co CPC Not CA Yes Yes
4922 Dayton Power & Light Co DP&L Yes Yes Yes
5109 Detroit Edison Co DECO Not CA See ECAR Yes
5487 Duquesne Light Company DLCO Yes See ECAR Yes
5580 East Kentucky Power Coop EKPC Yes Yes Yes
5599 ECAR Coord Agreement ECAR Not CA Yes Not PA
9267 Hoosier Energy R E C, Inc HE Yes Yes Yes
9273 Indianapolis Power & Light IP&L Yes See ECAR No
10171 Kentucky Utilities Company KUC Yes Yes Yes
10704 Lansing Brd Water & Light LANS Not CA Yes Yes
11249 Louisville Gas & Electric LG&E Yes See ECAR No
12427 Michigan Elec Pwr Coord Ctr MECS Yes Not PA Not PA
13756 Northern Indiana Pub Serv NIPS Yes See ECAR No
13998 Ohio Edison Company OE Yes Yes Yes
14015 Ohio Valley Electric Corp OVEC NA See ECAR No
15470 PSI Energy, Inc PSI Yes See ECAR No
17633 Southern Indiana Gas&Elec SIGE Yes See ECAR No
18997 Toledo Edison Co TE Yes Yes Yes
40211 Wabash Valley Power Assn WVPA Not CA Yes Yes
20910 Wolverine Power Supply Coop WPSC Not CA Yes Yes

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Code Respondent Name Abrev. Lambda Demand Forecast
2172 Brazos Elect Power Coop BRAZOS Not CA See ERCOT See ERCOT
2409 City of Brownsville PUB 1997 See ERCOT See ERCOT
3278 Central Power & Light Co CP&L Yes See ERCOT See ERCOT
1015 City of Austin AUST Yes Yes Yes


8901 Houston Lighting & Power HP&L Yes Yes See ERCOT
11269 Lower Colorado River Auth. LCRA Yes Yes Yes
13670 Northeast Texas Elec Coop NTEC Not CA Yes NA
40233 Sam Rayburn G&T, Inc SRGT Not CA Yes NA
16604 San Antonio Public Serv Bd SANT Yes See ERCOT See ERCOT
17583 South Texas Electric Coop STEC Yes Yes Yes
44372 Texas Utilities Electric TU Yes See ERCOT See ERCOT
18715 Texas Municipal Power Pool TMPP Yes Yes Yes
27383 Texas-New Mexico Power Co TNMP Not CA Yes Yes
20404 West Texas Utilities Co WTU Yes See ERCOT See ERCOT

MAAC [Download Regional Data File]
Code Respondent Name Abrev. Lambda Demand Forecast
963 Atlantic City Electric Co ACE See PJM See PJM See PJM
1167 Baltimore Gas & Electric BG&E See PJM See PJM See PJM
5027 Delmarva Power & Light Co DP&L See PJM See PJM See PJM
7088 General Public Utilities PU See PJM See PJM See PJM
14725 PA-NJ-MD Intercon (PJM) PJM Yes Yes Yes
14715 Pennsylvania Power & Light PP&L See PJM See PJM See PJM
14940 Philadelphia Electric Co PECO See PJM See PJM See PJM
15270 Potomac Electric Power Co PEPC See PJM See PJM See PJM
15477 Public Service Elect & Gas PSEG See PJM See PJM See PJM

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Code Respondent Name Abrev. Lambda Demand Forecast
3252 Central Illinois Light Co CILC Yes Yes Yes
3253 Central Illinois Pub Serv CIPS Yes Yes Yes
4110 Commonwealth Edison Co CECO Yes Yes Yes
5748 Electric Energy, Inc ELEN Yes Yes Yes
9208 Illinois Power Company IPC Yes Yes No
11479 Madison Gas & Electric Co MG&E Yes Yes Yes
17632 Southern Illinois Pwr Coop SIPC 1998 Yes Yes
17828 Springfield, IL CWPL SPIL No Yes No
19436 Union Electric Company UE Yes Yes Yes
20847 Wisconsin Electric Power WEPC Yes Yes Yes
20856 Wisconsin Power & Light Co WP&L Yes Yes Yes
20860 Wisconsin Public Service WPS Yes Yes Yes

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Code Respondent Name Abrev. Lambda Demand Forecast
1307 Basin Electric Power Coop BEPC Not CA See WAPA No
3258 Central Iowa Power Coop CIPC Not CA See IES See IES
4322 Cooperative Power Assoc. CP Not CA See MAPP No
4363 Corn Belt Power Cooperative CBPC Not CA See MAPP No
4716 Dairyland Power Coop DPC Yes See MAPP No
40604 Heartland Consumers Power HCPD Not CA See WAPA No
9130 Hutchinson Utilities Comm HUC Not CA See MAPP No
9219 IES Industries Inc IES Yes Yes Yes
9392 Interstate Power Company IPC Yes See MAPP No
9438 Iowa-Illinois Gas&Electric IIGE Yes Yes Yes
11018 Lincoln Electric System LES Yes Yes Yes
11625 Mid-Cont. Area Power Pool MAPP Not CA Yes Not PA
23333 Midwest Power Systems Inc MWPS Yes Yes Yes
12647 Minnesota Power & Light Co MP&L Yes Yes Yes
12658 Minnkota Power Coop Inc MPC Not CA See MAPP No
12710 Missouri Basin Mun Power MBMP Not CA See WAPA No
12819 Montana-Dakota Utilities MDU Not CA See MAPP No
21352 Municipal Energy Agency NE MEAN Not CA See MAPP No
13143 Muscatine Power & Water MP&W Yes Not PA Not PA
13337 Nebraska Public Power Dist NPPD 1998 Yes Yes
13781 Northern States Power Co NSP Yes Yes Yes
13798 Northwest Iowa Power Coop NIPC Not CA See WAPA No
13809 Northwestern Public Serv. NWPS Not CA Yes Yes
14127 Omaha Public Power Dist OPPD Yes Yes Yes
14232 Otter Tail Power Company OTP Yes Yes Yes
16181 Rochester Public Utilities RPU Not CA See SMMP See SMMP
40580 Southern Minnesota Mun. PA SMMP Yes Yes Yes
19514 United Power Association UPA Yes Yes No
28502 WAPA-Billings WAPA HL See MAPP No
20858 Wisconsin Public Power Inc WPPI Not CA Yes Yes

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Code Respondent Name Abrev. Lambda Demand Forecast
1179 Bangor Hydro-Electric Co BHE Not CA Yes Yes
1998 Boston Edison Co BECO Not CA Yes Yes
3249 Central Hudson Gas & Elec CHGE Not CA Yes Yes
3266 Central Maine Power Co CMP Not CA Yes Yes
3292 Central Vermont Public Serv CVPS Not CA Yes Yes
4089 Commonwealth Electric Co COEL Not CA Yes Yes
4226 Consolidated Edison Co-NY COED Not CA Yes Yes
5618 Eastern Utilities Assoc EUA Not CA Yes Yes
7601 Green Mountain Power Corp GMP Not CA Yes Yes
11172 Long Island Lighting Co LILC Not CA Yes No
11806 Mass. Muni Wholesale Elec MMWE Not CA Yes Yes
13501 New York Power Pool NYPP Yes Not PA Not PA
13435 New England Power Pool NEPOOL Yes Yes Yes
15296 New York Power Authority NYPA Not CA Yes Yes
13511 New York State Elec & Gas NYS Not CA Yes Yes
13433 New England Power Co NEES Not CA Yes Yes
13573 Niagara Mohawk Power Corp NMPC Not CA Yes Yes
13556 Northeast Utilities NU Not CA Yes No
14154 Orange & Rockland Utils O&R Not CA Yes Yes
16183 Rochester Gas & Electric RG&E Not CA Yes Yes
19497 United Illuminating Co UI Not CA Yes Yes

[Download Regional Data File: SERC1, SERC2]
Code Respondent Name Abrev. Lambda Demand Forecast
189 Alabama Electric Coop, Inc AEC Yes Yes Yes
3046 Carolina Power & Light Co CP&L Yes Yes Yes
40218 Central Electric Power Coop CEPC Not CA Yes No
3408 City of Chattanooga CEPB Not CA Yes Yes
6909 City of Gainesville GAIN Yes Yes Yes
10623 City of Lakeland LAKE Not CA Yes Yes
10620 City of Lake Worth LALW No Yes Yes
12293 City of Memphis MEMP Not CA Yes Yes
18445 City of Tallahassee TAL Yes Yes NA
17867 City of St Cloud STC NA Not PA Not PA
5416 Duke Power Company DUKE Yes Yes Yes
6235 Fayetteville Public Works FPWC Not CA Yes Yes
6411 Flint Electric Memb Coop FLINT Not CA Yes No
6455 Florida Power Corporation FPC Yes Yes No
6452 Florida Power & Light Co FP&L Yes Yes Yes
6567 Florida Municipal Pwr Agen FMPA Not CA Yes Yes
7639 Greenville Utilities Comm GUC Not CA Yes Yes
9617 Jacksonville Electric Auth JEA Yes Yes Yes
10376 Kissimmee Utility Auth KUA Yes Yes No
10857 Lee County Electric Coop LCEC Not CA Yes Yes
13204 Nantahala Power & Light NP&L Not CA Yes Not PA
13994 Oglethorpe Power Corp OPC Not CA Yes Yes
40229 Old Dominion Electric Coop ODEC Not CA Yes No
14610 Orlando Utilities Comm OUC Yes Yes Yes
21554 Seminole Electric Coop SEC Yes Yes Yes
17539 South Carolina Electric&Gas SCEG 1995 Yes Yes
17543 South Carolina Pub Ser Auth SCPS Yes Yes Yes
18195 Southern Company Services SOCO Yes Yes Yes
17568 South Mississippi El Pwr As SMEA Yes Yes No
18454 Tampa Electric Company TECO Yes Yes No
18642 Tennessee Valley Authority TVA Yes Yes Yes
19876 Virginia Electric & Power VIEP Yes Yes Yes
19804 Vero Beach Municipal Util VERO Not CA Yes Yes

[Download Regional Data File: SPP1, SPP2]
Code Respondent Name Abrev. Lambda Demand Forecast
924 Associated Electric Coop AEC HL See SPP See SPP
807 Arkansas Electric Coop AECC Not CA Yes Yes
2777 Cajun Electric Power Coop CAJN Yes See SPP See SPP
3265 Central Louisiana Elec Co CLEC Yes Yes Yes
4045 City of Columbia COL Not CA Yes Yes
9231 City of Independence, MO INDE Yes See SPP See SPP
5860 Empire District Electric EMDE Yes Yes Not PA
12506 Entergy System Power Pool ENTR Yes Yes Yes
7374 City of Goodland GOOD Yes Not PA Not PA
7490 Grand River Dam Authority GRDA Not CA See SPP See SPP
9996 City of Kansas City PUB KCPU Yes Yes See SPP
10000 Kansas City Power & Light KCPL Yes See SPP See SPP
26253 LA Energy & Power Authority LEPA Not CA Yes Yes
9096 Lafayette Utility System LUS 1998 Yes See SPP
12699 Missouri Public Service Co MPS 1998 Yes Not PA
14063 Oklahoma Gas & Electric Co OKGE Yes See SPP See SPP
14077 Oklahoma Muni Power Auth OMPA Not CA See SPP See SPP
15474 Public Service Co of OK PSOK Yes See SPP See SPP
17690 Southwest Power Pool SPP Not CA Yes Yes
17698 Southwestern Electric Power SWEP Yes See SPP See SPP
17716 Southwestern Power Admin SWPA HL See SPP See SPP
17718 Southwestern Public Service SWPS Yes See SPP See SPP
17833 Springfield City of SPRM Not CA See SPP See SPP
17881 St Joseph Light & Power Co STJ NA See SPP See SPP
18315 Sunflower Electric Pwr Corp SEPC Yes See SPP See SPP
20447 Western Farmers Elec Coop WFEC Yes Yes See SPP
20391 WestPlains Energy - Kansas WPEK 1998 See SPP See SPP
22500 Western Resources Inc WR Yes See SPP See SPP

[Download Regional Data Files: WSCC1, WSCC2]
Code Respondent Name Abrev. Lambda Demand Forecast
796 Arizona Electric Pwr Coop AEPC Not CA See WSCC No
803 Arizona Public Service Co APS Yes See WSCC Yes
1415 Black Hills Power & Light BHPL Not CA Yes Yes
1738 Bonneville Power Admin BPA HL Yes Yes
3255 California Dept-Wtr Resour CDWR Not CA See WSCC Yes
590 City of Anaheim ANAH Not CA Yes Yes
7294 City of Glendale GLEN Not CA Yes Yes
11208 City of Los Angeles LADWP Yes Yes Yes
14534 City of Pasadena PASA Yes Yes No
16088 City of Riverside RVSD Not CA See WSCC No
16655 City of Santa Clara SANT Not CA Yes Yes
16868 City of Seattle SCL HL See WSCC Yes
3989 Colorado Springs City of COSP Not CA See WSCC Yes
40230 Deseret Generation & Tran DGTC Not CA See WSCC No
5701 El Paso Electric Company EPE Yes See WSCC No
6022 Eugene City of EWEB Not CA See WSCC No
9191 Idaho Power Company IPC HL See WSCC NA
9216 Imperial Irrigation Dist IID NC See WSCC No
12397 Metropolitan Water Dist MWD Not CA See WSCC No
12745 Modesto Irrigation District MID Not CA See WSCC Yes
12825 Montana Power Company MPC HL See WSCC No
13407 Nevada Power Company NEVP Yes See WSCC Yes
40613 Northern Calif Power Agency NCPA Not CA Yes Yes
14328 Pacific Gas & Electric Co PG&E Yes Yes Yes
14354 PacifiCorp PACC HL Yes Yes
15127 Placer County Water Agency PCWA Not CA Yes Yes
15129 Plains Elec Gen&Trans Coop PEGT Not CA See WSCC No
15143 Platte River Power Auth PRPA Not CA See WSCC Yes
15248 Portland General Electric PGE HL See WSCC Yes
15466 Public Service Co of CO PSCO Yes See WSCC No
15473 Public Service Co of NM PSNM Yes See WSCC No
3413 PUD of #1 Chelan County CHEL HL See WSCC Yes
5326 PUD No 1 of Douglas County DPUD HL See WSCC No
14624 PUD No 2 of Grant County GPUD HL See WSCC No
15500 Puget Sound Energy,Inc PSPL HL Yes Yes
16534 Sacramento Municipal UD SMUD Not CA Yes Yes
16572 Salt River Proj Ag I&P Dist SRP Yes See WSCC No
16609 San Diego Gas & Electric SDGE Yes See WSCC No
17166 Sierra Pacific Power Co SPP Yes See WSCC Yes
17609 Southern California Edison SCE Yes See WSCC No
18429 Tacoma Dept of Public Util TCL HL See WSCC No
24211 Tucson Electric Power Co TEPC Yes See WSCC No
19281 Turlock Irrigation Distict TID Not CA See WSCC Yes
27000 WAPA - Sacramento Not CA See WSCC No
28503 WAPA - Loveland WALC HL See WSCC No
19508 WAPA - Colorado/Missouri WACM HL See WSCC No
20169 Washington Water Power Co WWP HL See WSCC NA
21434 Western Systems Coord Coun WSCC Not CA Yes Not PA
20391 Westplains Energy - CO WPE 1998 See WSCC No

Alaska & Hawaii
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Code Respondent Name Abrev. Lambda Demand Forecast
599 Anchorage City of AMPL Yes Not PA Not PA
3522 Chugach Electric Assn Inc CEA Yes Yes Yes
19547 Hawaiian Electric Co HEC Yes Yes Yes

Updated 12/29/1997