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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Form 6/6-Q - Annual/Quarterly Report of Oil Pipeline Companies

Release Notes
Changes for Releases up to 1.25

  • Printing: All the data entry schedules are now printable. It should be noted that Instruction pages and index pages are not considered data entry pages. The instruction pages (including page 201 and 211) can be printed by checking the option "Instructions and Index" on the Print Setup screen (invoked from the File | Print menu option). It should also be noted that page 604 is not a schedule in and of itself - it is the footnote page. Footnote pages are printed immediately following the schedule page if it has footnotes entered. Therefore, page 604 can not be separately printed;
  • It has been noted that some row labels and some column headings have abbreviated words. This was done due to limitations of on-screen area as well as the desire to use a table-driven approach for storing the information (which makes system maintenance much simpler). If there are abbreviations that appear vague, we recommend you refer to the title of the applicable schedule, then perhaps the instructions for that schedule (which can be seen via the File | Print Preview menu option). If things are still not clear, please notify FERC and we'll try to create more meaningful abbreviations;
  • Some updates to calculations have been incorporated. However, our definitions are not necessarily complete. So, please notify us of items that should or should not be automatically calculated by the system;
  • It was noted that on pages 108 and 122 the text "This page intentionally left blank." appears. This is indeed intentional. Any information entered for those schedules will start 'fresh' on the following page (e.g. 109, 123)