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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Form No. 552 - Annual Report of Natural Gas Transactions

Filing Instructions (updated 01/06/2015)

Please use the Fillable Form 552 PDF to file your report.

A. Step 1 - Instructions and tips for downloading and filling out Form No. 552

  1. Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 8.0 and above are required to fill out the Form No. 552. Make sure your have the required version of Adobe Acrobat before attempting to download the form. Download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Leaving

  2. Download and save the Form No. 552 file to your desktop computer.

  3. Open the form and fill it out using the General Instructions.

  4. Do not manually sign the Form No. 552. Complete the Signature Block on Page 1, item 14, by simply typing the name of the Company Officer in the block. FERC considers this an electronic signature (see 18 CFR 385.2005(c) Leaving

  5. Save the form periodically to avoid losing your data entries.

  6. If you need to attach more than ten copies of page 3A (Schedule of Reporting Companies and Price Index Reporting) to your eFiling of Form No. 552, please contact before attempting to file.

  7. All the questions on Page 3 of Form No. 552 in columns b-e must be answered with a Yes, No or NA. Do not leave any blanks.

  8. Do not attempt to alter the Form No. 552 or add footnotes to it. Page 2 List of Schedules contains a remarks section.

  9. Save your Form No. 552 to your desktop before eFiling it.

B. Step 2 - Instructions for eFiling the Form No. 552

  1. Log-in to (If you are a new user, use the New Account menu).

  2. Page Name Action Item or Button Name
    Log on to FERC Online Enter your registered email address and password. You will designate your own password.  
      Click on Submit
    FERC Online Home Page Click on eFiling
    FERC eFile Click on Create Filing
    Filing Type Selection ** Click on Gas
    What kind of Filing are you making ** Click on Report/Form- No Docket Number
    Filing Type ** Click on Form No. 552
    File Upload Click on Browse
      Find the saved copy of the Form No. 552 on your PC directory and attach. If desired, enter additional text to describe your filing.   
      Click on Upload
    Confirmation email Click on
    You should receive a confirmation email that your eFiling is complete. Print a copy of it. If you don’t get a confirmation, contact FERC Online Support.
    “Next” to finish submission process
    FERC Online Support at 1-866-208-3676 (Toll Free) 1-202-502-6652 (Local) or

    ** Failure to check the appropriate filing type will result in a rejection of your filing and you will have to eFile again to be in compliance. It is very important that you select the proper filing type. Our system checks your Form No. 552 data for common errors and makes the data available for Staff analysis and download.