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Updates Planned for Quarterly Financial Reporting by June 30, 2004

Form 3-Q and Form 6-Q

The Commission software that respondents are required to use to file quarterly financial reports (FERC Form Nos. 3-Q and 6-Q) will be made available in the form of automatic updates to software currently used to file FERC Annual Reports by entities in the electric, gas, and oil industries—no additional installation of software will be required.

Respondents that file a FERC Annual Report Form No. 1-F can access and download the Form 1 reporting software at http://www.ferc.gov/docs-filing/forms/form-1/elec-subm-soft.asp now so they can later receive the automatic updates. Respondents should begin collecting quarterly financial information in anticipation of preparing their submission when the software updates are released.

FERC plans to make the updates available for quarterly financial reporting by June 30, 2004, though it may release the updates sooner based on the results of internal testing currently underway.

External Beta testing will commence on June 4, 2004. Voluntary Beta testers will be notified via e-mail regarding procedures they will follow during the testing process. Beta testers should direct all communications to Brian Holmes, brian.holmes@ferc.gov.

Other respondents that have specific software issues or need additional help in accessing or in filing the quarterly financial reports may contact FERC Online Support via email, ferconlinesupport@ferc.gov or by phone, 1-866-208-3676. Form 1-F filers should contact Craig Hill, craighill@ferc.gov, to obtain a PIN needed to file their quarterly financial reports.

From FERC’s site on the Internet, www.ferc.gov , quarterly financial reports will be available in the eLibrary. The public version of the Form 3-Q and 6-Q database will be available for partial or complete download to client sites and may be viewed with the Form Viewer software available for download at FERC: forms in late July 2004.

Beta Testers
Brian Holmes
Email: brian.holmes@ferc.gov

FERC Online Support
Email: ferconlinesupport@ferc.gov

Telephone NumbersForm 1-F Filers
Craig Hill
Email: craig.hill@ferc.gov

Updated: June 28, 2010