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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Documents & Filing EQR Commission Orders & Notices

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Commission Orders & Notices: 2003

  • Order 2001-E PDF | Order 2001-E Word Doc - Issued 12/23/03
    Refines the EQR reporting requirements. Includes the adoption of mandatory standards for location fields, establishes an EQR Refiling Policy, and streamlines and defines the allowable entries for several fields.

  • Order No. 2001-D PDF - Issued 03/28/03
    Requires utilities to review their 4th quarter 2002 EQRs to look for certain errors, and to resubmit if necessary.

  • EQR Errata PDF - Issued 01/08/03
    Corrects Appendix A to include "Booked Out Power" as an allowable entry for the Product Name field.