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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Recruiting Events
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2016 Recruiting Schedule

School/Sponsor Event Title Event Date
George Washington University Internship and Career ExpoLeaving FERC 9/14/2016
New Mexico State University Annual Career ExpoLeaving FERC 9/21/2016
University of Texas (El Paso) Career ExpoLeaving FERC 9/22/2016
Rutgers University Career and Internship Mega FairLeaving FERC 9/21-22/2016
University of Maryland Fall Career and Internship FairLeaving FERC 9/21-22/2016
GW School of Business Business Career FairLeaving FERC 9/22/2016
Georgetown University Career FairLeaving FERC 9/23/2016
UMD School of Business Smith Undergraduate Career FairLeaving FERC 9/23/2016
University of Pennsylvania Policy and Government FairLeaving FERC 9/23/2016
Howard University Fall Career FairLeaving FERC 9/27-28/2016
Georgia Tech Virtual Career FairLeaving FERC 9/28/2016
Northwestern University Fall 2016 Job & Internship FairLeaving FERC 9/28/2016
University of Chicago 2016 Fall Career & Internship Fair Leaving FERC 9/29/2016
American University Fall Job and Internship FairLeaving FERC 9/29/2016
Johns Hopkins University Fall Career FairLeaving FERC 9/29/2016
Catholic University Fall Career FairLeaving FERC 9/30/2016
George Mason University Fall 2016 Job & Internship FairLeaving FERC 10/5-6/2016
Gallaudet University Internship & Job FairLeaving FERC 10/7/2016
WestPacs (Western PA) Collegiate Job & Internship FairLeaving FERC 10/12/2016
National Career Fairs NY Area FairLeaving FERC 10/13/2016
Columbia Engineering Engineering Career FairLeaving FERC 10/14/2016
Arizonia State University STEM Virtual Career FairLeaving FERC 10/14/2016
Morgan State University Annual Career DayLeaving FERC 10/19/2016
Eco Careers Virtual Diversity Career FairLeaving FERC 10/19/2016
Bowie State University Fall Career FairLeaving FERC 10/26/2016
University of Virginia Fall Job & Internship FairLeaving FERC 10/26-27/2016
RecruitMilitary All Veteran FairLeaving FERC 11/3/2016
Indiana Area Universities Business Career Consortium FairLeaving FERC 11/10/2016
Historically Black Colleges and Universities Career Annual Development MarketplaceLeaving FERC 11/11/2016
EOP Careers The disABLED Magazine's Career Expo for People with DisabilitiesLeaving FERC 11/18/2016