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Kenneth Sosnick

Kenneth Sosnick, Accountant
Education: Indiana University of Pennsylvania: BA in Accounting
Joined the FERC: May 2002

“The Federal Government gives an individual many opportunities to expand their current career or look for another opportunity in order to learn from a new experience. I enjoy working on meaningful projects that affect all Americans.

Coming from a small town in Pennsylvania, a diverse city such as Washington, D.C. presents so many opportunities for entertainment. Whether it is a rock concert at the 9:30 Club or viewing a new exhibit at one of the Smithsonian Museums, D.C. is a city full of energy and things to keep any personality busy.”

Shirley Ruiz

Shirley Ruiz, Auditor
Education: University of Puerto Rico, BS in Finance and BS in Accounting
Joined the FERC: February 2006

“I have been at FERC for over a year and it has been an outstanding experience so far. A friend of mine who worked at FERC spoke highly of the Commission. She loved the agency culture and the learning curve. She was right. I have learned a great deal in the short period of time that I have been here. I feel that the work that I do is very important and that my accomplishments add value to FERC’s business processes.

My main project has been the Implementation of the Office of Management and Budget A-123 Managements Responsibilities over Internal Controls. Auditing the agency’s internal controls gave me insight on how FERC functions financially, and a better understanding of government accounting. My division also performs audits and reviews for non-financial processes at FERC, such as Information Technology Security.

I work in a very dynamic environment, both in teams and as an individual. I also feel that my hard work is appreciated and rewarded. Managers recognize the potential in each employee and help us to excel.”

Updated: June 28, 2010