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Office of the Secretary (OSEC)

Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary
Nathaniel J. Davis, Sr., Deputy Secretary
Ken Buckstrup, Director for Systems Operations

Administration & Operations
Rose Johnson, Administrative Officer

Agenda Group (Adjudication and Rulemakings)
Diana Royster, Manager

    Phillip Fralin
    Kevin Harrison
    Capria Johnson
    Cynthia Travers-Hill
    Cisha Watson-Nelson
    Lillian Wilson

Notice and Federal Registry Group
Felicia Abney-Barber, Manager

    Valerie Joyner-Hall
    Keonya Mitchell
    Jazmin Thompson
    Linda G. Turner

Dockets and Registry Group

    Dwayne Carver
    Adam Ulsh

Legal Resources and Review Group

    Cristin Ducker
    Ronda Hall (Detailed)
    Helen Speight
    Monica White-McCracken

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