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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Dispute Resolution Service (DRS)
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Who We Are

Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) staff are trained professionals highly skilled in conflict resolution, prevention, negotiation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques. DRS staff are also certified trainers.

What We Do

DRS neutrals assist parties in the voluntary resolution of their energy disputes-- prior to or after a complaint is filed with the Commission; educate and train audiences on ADR techniques and skills to prevent, manage and resolve conflict; and promote the systematic application of ADR tools to prevent and reduce energy litigation.

How to Reach Us for Assistance

Call us on the DRS Toll Free ADR Helpline: 1-844-238-1560
Email us at
Communications with DRS neutrals are generally confidential.

DRS Case Services, How We Can Help You

  • Conduct intake on disputes from parties
  • Address inquiries on ADR processes
  • Screen cases ripe for ADR processes
  • Convene parties on their interest in ADR to resolve a dispute
  • Ask parties for voluntary agreement to begin an ADR process
  • Design the ADR process with the parties’ input to fit their needs
  • Mediate cases
  • Call in either a non-decisional Commission subject matter experts or early-neutral evaluators per parties’ interest in a non-binding opinion
  • Facilitate stakeholder processes
  • Conduct conflict coaching
  • Assist entities with designing ADR programs that address disputes as an alternative to litigation upon request

Other DRS Program Services

  • Training
  • Presentations
  • Workshops
  • Consultation