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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

About FERC Offices Office of Electric Reliability

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Division of Engineering, Planning and Operations

Actively supports or leads to process reliability-related cost recovery filings, evaluating their engineering aspects and potential impacts to the bulk power system. Monitor, analyze and address issues concerning the nationís bulk power system including real-time events reports and longer-term assessments of resource adequacy and reliability.

  • Review all electric rate filings to determine those with reliability implications. Actively supports or leads the rates divisions of the Office of Energy Market Regulation, making certain that reliability-related cost recovery filings are evaluated for their engineering aspects and potential impacts to the bulk power system.

  • Lead the effort in performing necessary technical and policy analysis for input into electric orders in order to meet the Commissionís goal of protecting and improving the reliability of the bulk power system.

  • Provide workload tracking and data collection support for the office.

  • Monitor and participate in regional planning processes to determine if proposed and approved projects are sufficient to meet the reliability requirements. Provide support to the Office of Energy Projects for the invocation of backstop siting authority when required.

  • Oversee the EROís resource adequacy assessments to identify and investigate constraints on the bulk power system.

  • Provide the Commission with informed analysis of the bulk power systemís real-time operations and planning studies through leveraging the ERO, review of ERO seasonal and long-term studies, and through independent analysis.

  • Operate a 24/7 emergency message notification system to monitor the integrity of the bulk power system and provide timely information to the Commission during emergencies, system disturbances involving natural or other causes.

  • Coordinate fact-gathering analyses of events and disturbances prior to event analyses or compliance investigations.

  • Provide the Commission with timely analysis of renewable generation integration nationwide. Provide the Commission with informed analysis of emerging reliability metrics.