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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

About FERC Offices Office of Energy Policy and Innovation

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Division of Policy Development

The Division of Policy Development initiates and oversees the development of Commission policies to:

  • Enhance the operation of wholesale markets;
  • Integrate distributed resources;
  • Facilitate reliable development of renewable resources;
  • Encourage greater efficiency and reliable utilization in the interstate and wholesale markets; and
  • Proactively engage industry and regulators on issues of first impression.


  1. Proactively identifies and examines emerging energy issues in order to develop policy reform recommendations for Commission consideration.

  2. Leads the development of generic rulemakings and policy statements in support of the Commission's energy and environmental goals.

  3. Performs legislative analysis on energy and environmental issues that may affect the Commission's regulatory responsibilities or jurisdiction.

  4. Coordinates with states and other agencies regarding matters affecting the wholesale and interstate energy markets, supporting the Commission's state-federal collaborative efforts, e.g., smart grid, demand response, and competitive procurement.

  5. Fulfills the requirements of EPAct 2005 and EISA 2007 regarding demand response, advanced metering, and smart grid.

  6. Monitors regional planning processes to ascertain the success of the processes in developing system-wide plans and considering new technologies, and to propose reforms as appropriate.

  7. Routinely identifies the need for and convenes outreach and technical conferences.

  8. Supports the ongoing work of other FERC program offices to ensure effective coordination of Commission policy development.