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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

About FERC Offices Office of Energy Policy and Innovation

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Division of Economic and Technical Analysis

The Division of Economic and Technical Analysis undertakes studies and analyses to better understand:

  • The development of emerging technologies,
  • Their impact on the grid, and
  • Integration into the wholesale and interstate markets.

The Division focus is largely on operational, efficiency, planning, valuation, and participant compensation issues.


  1. Performs technical and market analysis of interstate and wholesale markets in support of the Commission's goals.

  2. Actively provides economic, engineering and technical support to the docketed case work of the program offices.

  3. Regularly assesses industry progress in adoption of new technologies and market rules to better meet the Commission's goals of integration of renewable resources and distributed resources, and overall greater efficiency in operations, sponsoring recommendations to implement reforms as necessary.

  4. Participates in the formulation and drafting of new rules and policy statements.

  5. Engages in regular outreach with industry and convenes and participates in technical conferences as appropriate.