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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

About FERC Offices Office of Energy Policy and Innovation

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Administration and Operations Staff

The Administration and Operations staff directs the administrative, human resource, budget, workload tracking, data collection, and strategic and business planning operations of OEPI.


  1. Develops, coordinates, and implements administrative policies and procedures for OEPI. Provide human resources, procurement, training, travel, and logistics support.

  2. Coordinates and facilitates training activities.

  3. Coordinates all requests for personnel actions and related matters such as performance standards, performance appraisals, awards, adverse actions, and time and attendance reporting.

  4. Maintains an accurate and up-to-date inventory of accountable property assigned to OEPI staff in the Commission's Property Management System.

  5. Monitors all budget expenditures and prepare reports for management on allocations, year-to-date expenditures, and forecasts (manage-to-budget).

  6. Coordinates development and execution of the budget, strategic plan, business plan, Annual Report and the GPRA Annual Performance Plan and Performance Report.

  7. Provides workload tracking support for the Office, ensuring the appropriate data is being entered into the workload tracking systems in a timely manner and Commission tracking systems meet the needs of OEPI.

  8. Participates in periodic evaluations of information collections in light of policy changes.