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Office of the Executive Director (OED)

Anton C. Porter, Executive Director

    EEO Advisor, Madeline H. Lewis

    Enterprise Planning and Coordination, Carrie Anderson

      Administration and Operations, Jill S. Dobbins
      Strategy & Risk Management, George Clapsis, Manager
    Chief Human Capital Officer, Eduardo J. Ribas

      Security & Safety Division, Mark Radlinski, Director

      Human Resources Division, Vacant, Director

        Executive Resources
        Employee Development, Armani Foster, Chief
        Employee Acquisition & Operations, Cheryl Harkness, Chief
        Benefits and Payroll, Jennifer Ogden, Chief

      Workforce Relations Division, Sidney Chapman, Director

    Chief Information Officer, Dr. Christina M. Handley

      Systems Development and Engineering Division, Gerald J. Thomas, Director

      Information Security & Systems Assurance Division, Eric Rippetoe, Chief Information Security Officer

      IT Policy & Resources Management Division, Jolinda C. Murray, Director

      IT Operations Division, Kevin Tahvildary, Director
        IT Network Infrastructure Service Support, Kevin Kelly, Chief
        IT Customer Support Services, Dennis Grey, Chief

    Chief Financial Officer, William D. Foster

      Financial Systems & Travel, Geoff Gilliar

      Logistics Management Division, Joshua Hill, Director
        Facilities Operations, Terry Lamb, Chief

      Financial Management Division, Steven Bromberek, Director
        Financial Operations, Norman Richardson, Chief
        Financial Reporting, Christine Hutcheson, Chief

      Budget Division, Stacie L. Davis, Director

      Acquisition Services Division, Glenn Emig, Deputy Director

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