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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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IT Operations Division


The IT Operations Division is responsible for the day-to-day operations, monitoring, and maintenance of the Commission IT Infrastructure to ensure efficient and reliable IT systems and services that increase the Commissionís productivity. The Division implements effective automated strategies to support the Commission and provides oversight and management of all network infrastructure operations, telecommunications systems, and office automation hardware and software. The IT Operations Division also provides IT Customer Support and ensures that the Commissionís internal and external IT Training needs are met for the Commissionís information systems, resources and electronic filing system.

IT Customer Service Support Branch

  • Oversee the IT Support Center

  • Oversee Desktop Support

  • Oversee IT Training, Development and the implementation, communication, marketing and training of IT initiatives

  • Oversee hardware requests and acquisition, staging/imaging of all hardware (laptops, printers etc.) prior to issue to FERC employees, and storage of hardware artifacts

  • Conduct business application support for all business applications

  • Manage the copy equipment program

IT Network Infrastructure Services Support Branch

  • Oversee the day to day operations of the network infrastructure (Wide Area Network (WAN)/Local Area Network (LAN)), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), messaging, storage and backup and recovery services

  • Oversee and administer all telecommunication contracts

  • Oversee, purchase, install and implement software

  • Administration of Smart Technology, Web and Video Teleconferencing