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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Security and Safety Division

The Security and Safety Division develops and implements a comprehensive and highly effective overall security program for the Commission, encompassing all aspects of both physical and personnel security. Develops and implements a comprehensive emergency preparedness program, such as the Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) and all other occupant emergency plan programs. Develops, implements, and administers the Commissionís occupational safety and health programs. Continuously evaluates and modifies programs to ensure effectiveness and compliance with governing regulations, policies, and requirements. Works closely with outside federal and non-federal organizations to ensure program effectiveness.

Major areas of responsibilities are:

  1. Evaluate and revise security and safety goals and objectives, policies, standards, procedures, systems, and controls.

  2. Develop and implement an overall security and safety education and training program.

  3. Design and conduct emergency drills and other exercises for testing and evaluating the Commissionís emergency systems and procedures.

  4. Administer contingency plans for emergency situations in accordance with FEMA, GSA, and OPM regulations.

  5. Authorize all security and safety system updates and modifications.

  6. Oversee a personnel security investigations date base and management system, which tracks all NACIís, Special and Limited Background Investigations, and Full Field contractors.

  7. Oversee interviews of applicants/employees/contractors to resolve questions of derogatory information surfacing during investigations. Administer the process for the determination of the suitability and security eligibility of individuals for entry/retention in sensitive and non- sensitive positions.

  8. Oversee the Commissionís Occupant Emergency Program, the FERC COOP Plan, as well as the Crime Prevention/Safety Awareness Program.

  9. Manage the Commissionís security guard contracts.

  10. Direct implementation of security policies and conduct security audits and inspections of the physical and procedural protective measures/systems in place and authorize implementation of corrective action.

  11. Supervise investigations of physical security violations, unlawful or criminal activity and authorize appropriate action to ensure protection of Commission personnel and assets.

  12. Oversee and evaluate the Commissionís C.CureSystem 1 Plus, ensuring all aspects of operation are being implemented.

  13. Ensure implementation of a comprehensive safety and occupational health program. Review and evaluate hazardous or unsafe or unhealthy work situations and authorize corrective action.

  14. Serve as the primary advisor in the security and safety area to the Executive Director. Keep the Executive Director and Chairman continuously updated on all safety and security matters, whether from a program perspective or relative to the conduct of individual events and situations.

  15. Prepare all necessary reports relative to the security and safety program. Serve as the operational contact and representative of the Commission to all outside entities and organizations, as well as with all components within the Commission.