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Chief Human Capital Officer

The Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO) is the primary human capital advisor to the Executive Director, and is the technical expert on all human capital matters relating to the operations of the Commission. The CHCO is responsible for establishing policies to govern the development, management, administration, and coordination of the Commissionís overall human capital and human resources programs.

Major areas of responsibilities are:

  1. Provide administrative oversight and coordinate the activities of subordinate organizations; develops and communicates a vision for the attainment of goals and objectives as a cohesive, focused organizational entity; serve as a catalyst for innovation and creativity in analyzing and solving complex problems; fosters an environment conducive to teamwork and empowerment of supervisors and employees; and promotes and encourages diversity in subordinate organizations and throughout the Commission.

  2. Oversees the development of short- and long-range plans to meet organizational objectives; establish or revises program goals, institutes major modifications in organizational or functional structure; and approves key appointments or promotions to ensure the most efficient organization.

  3. Encourages personal and professional development among subordinates and provide opportunities for individuals to accomplish their goals in relation to the Commission; and utilizes special emphasis and employment programs to attain diversity among the staff; and is proactive in reaching affirmative action goals.

  4. Provides staff support and guidance to the Executive Director and other senior Commission leaders in the development and implementation of the Commission human resources programs; payroll, application and integration services and systems; and safety and security programs; and in the development of proper organizational and management structures.

  5. Administer a full-range operational human resources program consisting of position management and classification, recruitment and placement, pay administration, labor management relations, performance management, employee development and training, employee records, benefits and processing services, and data management related to human resources matters.

  6. Leads the Commission Human Capital Accountability Team and integrates the Commissionís human capital program into the strategic planning process.

  7. Provides the interface between the Commission and other Federal agencies on all human resources matters. Collaborates with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management in determining the interest and needs of the Commission in terms of the Commissionís policies and procedures and promotes the Commissionís requirements where divergence is indicated.

  8. Provides an organizational analysis capability to Commission management in the development/improvement of the organization and management structure, coordinating the clearance and approval of changes through the Commission, as necessary.

  9. Serves as a trusted advisor to the Commissionís Executive Resources Board and Performance Review Boards. Responsibilities are both programmatic and operational. Conducts all activities required for both Executive Resource, as well as political appointees, including Non-Career Senior Executive Service and Schedule C positions.

  10. Provides a safe and secure working environment where Commission employees can be most productive.

  11. Establishes and utilizes business reengineering processes to gain greater effectiveness and efficiencies with the deployment of administrative and financial operations.

The organization led by the Chief Human Capital Officer consists of the following Divisions and Staffs: