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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Equal Employment Opportunity Advisor

The Equal Employment Opportunity Advisor develops, manages and directs the Commission's affirmative employment planning, and EEO discrimination complaint processing programs. This Staff is concerned with equal employment opportunity, and ensures that employees and applicants for employment are treated without regard to race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, or mental/physical handicap. This Staff is also responsible for implementing programs designed to enhance the hiring and advancement of women, minorities, disabled veterans, and handicapped individuals.

Major areas of responsibilities are:

  1. Develop and implement various equal employment opportunity plans, policies, and procedures; administer the EEO discrimination complaint processing system; make recommendations to top management; and take corrective actions as necessary.

  2. Coordinate with the Human Resources Division for EEO training of FERC managers/supervisors, and EEO counselors; and also provide counselors with necessary technical and legal advice. Ensure training and leadership of the EEO staff and special emphasis managers who are involved in the planning, counseling, investigation, and legal aspects of EEO.

  3. Supervise timely, fair and impartial processing of EEO discrimination complaints; negotiate informal resolution of complaints where possible; schedule/coordinate EEO investigation of formal complaints; provide fair and impartial advice on settlement proposals; prepare documents for the EEO Director’s signature; and maintain/secure all documents/files pertaining to discrimination complaints.

  4. Administer the EEO counseling program including appointment and training of counselors.

  5. Develop, prepare and coordinate the Commission's annual affirmative employment plan for women, minorities, and the handicapped; assure compliance with the requirements of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, OPM, and other applicable laws/regulations; and furnish other EEO related reports as required.

  6. Process EEO discrimination complaints and give impartial advice to the EEO Director and the Chairman, when requested.

  7. Determine under representation of minorities/women, and coordinate with various offices and the Human Resources Division on various aspects of special employment programs.

  8. Coordinate and provide advice to the FERC Diversity Council.