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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

About FERC Offices Office of External Affairs

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The State, International and Public Affairs Division

The State, International and Public Affairs Division is the Commission's liaison with state and local governments, international governments, trade associations, energy markets (RTOs and ISOs) and regulated industry.

The Division also coordinates and centralizes the interaction and communication between the Commission, state regulators and other governmental entities, international public utility regulatory bodies, industry, trade associations, regional coalitions, the general public, consumer, community, public interest groups, and landowners affected by projects before the Commission. The Division also disseminates general information to all the affected groups regarding Commission activities, initiatives and policy directions.

Major areas of responsibilities are:

  1. Provides information on Commission programs and activities to state and local governments, trade associations, ISOs, RTOs and regulated industry, through outreach materials, responding to written and telephone inquiries, and attending conferences widely attended by these constituents.

  2. Performs the liaison role for informing, advising and educating state officials on the Commission's programs and activities. Coordinates agency participation in events sponsored by state governments and affected groups and administers and manages the Commission's Outreach and Communications Program proactively to identify and conduct outreach activities with key state regulators and non-governmental organizations.

  3. Coordinates the aspects of the Commission's ongoing strategic communication planning process that involves major policy issues and relations with national and trade associations, energy industry groups and regional coalitions or subgroups.

  4. Coordinates discussions with stakeholders, conducts information and demonstration sessions, conferences and workshops.

  5. Establishes lines of communication with regulated industries and interest groups to disseminate information and assess the impact upon and reaction of diverse constituencies to Commission activities.

  6. Acts as liaison with foreign governments, providing information and assistance as requested by the Chairman. Coordinates contacts and communication with representatives of foreign governments and obtains country clearance from the State Department for agency officials traveling outside of the United States.

  7. Serves as a Commission representative to the U.S.-Canada Bilateral Energy Consultative Mechanism (ECM) committee meetings and maintains liaison with embassies of foreign government on matters of concern to the Commission and the Department of State and the Agency for International Development.

  8. Assists other Program Offices in developing informational materials for outreach to the states, regions, and regulated industries.

  9. Manages the content of FERCís enterprise-wide Internet, including planning, posting and overall presentation.

  10. Manages the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) program and Critical Energy/Electric Infrastructure Information (CEII) Program.