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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

About FERC Offices Office of External Affairs

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Media Relations Division

The Media Relations staff is the Commissionís point of contact with all media outlets ranging from trade publication reporters to local, regional and national reporters and those working for nontraditional ďsocialĒ media sources. It is responsible for developing an effective working relationship with these journalists and for shaping the Commissionís messages to them. Also responsible for the Commissionís internet and intranet web sites and social media.

Major areas of responsibilities are:

  1. Plans, initiates and pitches media stories that further FERCís strategic priorities.

  2. Advises and assists Commission members and staff in preparing for news conferences and media interviews and provides guidance on the most effective responses.

  3. Coordinates and conducts news conferences, media interviews and inquiries for Commissioners and staff when requested.

  4. Responds to media inquiries about Commission programs and activities.

  5. Develops and maintains regional and national media mailing lists for Commission news releases.

  6. Writes, edits and produces all news releases.

  7. Monitors media coverage and provides clarifications or corrections when necessary.

  8. Develops informational and educational materials, publishes agency newsletter (FERC Insider).

  9. Prepares daily News Clips for distribution to the Chairman and Commissioners and their staff, and Office Directors.

  10. Assists other Program Offices in developing informational materials for outreach to the public.

  11. Manages the content of FERC's enterprise-wide Internet, including planning, posting and overall presentation.

  12. Develops and implements Internet content guidelines and policies and ensures compliance with federal standards.